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Career DevelopmentSkills Provision is a professional organisation that places people into meaningful employment. Our UK Job Hunting Service provides the perfect platform for employees to showcase their talents. We also provide a bespoke job board and interactive search platform.

Market conditions in the UK have changed dramatically; employers and recruiters are now being more selective when searching for skilled operators.

UK Nationals

  • Register on the Skills Provision Website
  • Upload your CV (Preferably with an attached photograph)
  • Monitor Job Board
  • Apply for vacant positions

Overseas Workers

Overseas employees are asked to run a few checks to ensure they qualify for assistance with UK Job Hunting:

  • Do you qualify for a UK visa if seeking work outside your home country?
  • Are your certified trade skills or professional qualifications in demand in the UK?
  • Will your skills require independent recognition in the United Kingdom?
  • Will you be required to speak English to obtain a visa?

If you qualify

  • Register on the Skills Provision Website
  • Upload CV (Preferably with an attached photograph)
  • Monitor Job Board

Please note we may require the following:

  • A copy of trade and professional certificates
  • A head and shoulders passport photograph
  • 3-5 pictures of you in a working environment
  • A 2-3 minute video clip
  • A copy of your birth certificate and passport
  • Copies of language certificates; IELTS , TEFL, CELTA etc
  • References
  • Police check
  • Medical documents

Why use Skills Provision?

UK job hunting is our speciality, our organisation is proficient at placing UK nationals and overseas workers into full time employment.

Job seekers and employers turn to Skills Provision because:

  • We have a solid reputation for placing UK nationals into employment
  • We are constantly placing skilled operatives from overseas markets into the UK
  • We have strong ties with worldwide organisations
  • Our website is user friendly and free to use.


If you are UK job hunting or looking further afield Skills provision provides a state of the art resource. To take advantage of our systems simply visit our website on a regular basis. Our organisation is actively placing workers into quality positions because we understand all aspects recruitment.

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