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Skills Provision has the capability and knowhow, to support large number recruitment tasks on a global scale.

Large Number Recruitment

Internally we view any project requiring over 100 workers as a large number undertaking and as such these jobs are dealt with by our specialist teams.

Supporting major-sized businesses with international recruitment is a core strength for our organisation. These tasks put to the test our seasoned recruiters, global reach, internal selection and filtering systems and our highly regarded, Client Zones.

In our opinion, what large businesses require is empathy and a professional attitude towards support, going the extra mile to meet all deadlines whilst providing the best available manpower.

At Skills Provision our recruitment emphasis is akin to throwing a pebble into a still lake, each outward flowing ripple represents locations we cover, what this means is our placement activity is never hampered by national restrictions. We view the best available workers as just that, ‘the best’ regardless of race, colour, creed or nationality. This is why we are able to produce a large number of workers in good time. We are not a restrictive agency, we are a proactive one.

When dealing with large numbers the processing systems used need to be of the highest calibre, because a single mistake can jeopardise an entire task. All our specialist recruiters are aware of this and their output is reflective of the standards required.

If you would like to discuss large number recruitment, for your company, please email or fill out our online form. A member of our Support Team will be on-hand to deal with your enquiry.

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