The COVID-19 pandemic eased skill shortages in Switzerland, however since the virus dissipated and things returned to normal, the unavailability of skilled/unskilled workers has grown at pace.



Chris Slay, the Managing Director of Skills Provision, commented recently on the situation in Switzerland. “Over the past 12 months, my agency has seen a massive increase in the number of employer enquiries. Going forward, I expect the demand to increase further. Manpower shortages in Europe will take many years to fix”.

As a leading international agency supporting businesses in Switzerland, we have the benefit of holding an extensive database of available workers, added to that our job board outperforms well-known brands and organisations.

Following contractual agreement, an appointed Account Manager will formally request a job description and from then on, our specialists go to work, placing those deemed suitable into branded Client Zones.

In terms of employment-based professional support, there are no better than Skills Provision.

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