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Welcome to the Job Seeker Section

Welcome to our Job Seeker Section.

Skills Provision is the right organisation to help you find that perfect international job. Our team of experts have all the necessary recruitment skills, honed from years of successfully placing candidates in all environments around the world. Think of us are your employment partners.

GDPR Compliant (Data Protection)

  • All documents are securely stored
  • Centralised registers track the movement of all documents
  • Permission to share documents is obtained in advance
  • Where possible personalised information is removed before sharing with an employer
  • When sharing documents with a prospective employer safe handling is catered for
  • Members of Skills Provision can request the removal of personalised data by emailing
  • All job seekers are requested to read the data protection policy

After registration we request a copy of your CV, here are a few guidelines:

CV Guidelines

  • Make sure your contact details are correct, if possible include a Skype address
  • Consider the employers aspirations and needs
  • A CV is a professional document, it needs to showcase your natural ability
  • Highlight your accomplishments with examples
  • Have your most recent work history at the beginning
  • Keep the document brief and to the point
  • Spell and grammar check your CV

To get the most from your CV registration with Skills Provision, we encourage job seekers to read the following top tips

Top Tips

  • Save your login details
  • Take care when completing your cover sheet (more information is better than less)
  • Produce a quality self-marketing pitch
  • Upload your CV in full
  • For best impact we encourage you to make your profile visible on our site
  • Update your CV when appropriate
  • Keep abreast of new opportunities on our job board