United Kingdom

Following Brexit, it was hoped the employment situation in the United Kingdom would improve, with less reliance on overseas workers. In an ironic twist, it quickly became apparent the need for migrant labour would not be diminishing and in some areas the demand being higher than ever.



For many companies Skills Provision has become a knight in shining armour. We are able to analyse manpower problems whilst offering workable solutions with realistic timeframes.

Francesca Bailey, the Operations Director at Skills Provision, commented. “My teams are able to support UK businesses that offer fair and reasonable rates/packages. In fact, the assistance provided, from the start of an assignment to the end, is second to none. If anyone doubts this statement, they should book a no obligation demonstration and see for themselves”.

As a leading provider of employment solutions, we are delighted to have a database of skilled operatives where well over 6,000 people have expressed an interest of working in the UK.

Whatever the requirements be that local, national or international, via an employer sponsored visa, we are on-hand to assist.

If you would like more information on our recruitment services in the United Kingdom, please email enquiries@skills-provision.com call +44 (0)2079890750 or fill out our website form.