African Recruitment & Hiring Services

Our international agency provides dedicated recruitment and hiring support to all African companies. We do this whilst assisting job seekers with their search for overseas employment.



Placement support covers local, national and international markets. Our Job Seeker database contains over 5,000 African workers and is growing rapidly. Added to that, we have vast numbers of skilled operatives interested in working within the African continent.

Our first-class hiring software generates high praise from those fortunate enough to use it. Starting off with our widespread advert distribution system/network onto a 3-stage recruitment platform combined with automated matching algorithms and finally culminating in our collaborative client zone suite.

As far as African recruitment is concerned, we certainly have all the boxes ticked.

To view our systems in action, please contact our Support Team and request a technical demonstration.

For more information on our African recruitment services please email call +44 (0)2079890750 or utilise one of our website forms.

Job Seekers

For those interested in a position in Africa or working overseas, you have 2 options.

Please take note of all the guidance notes and videos available, they are there for your benefit. Note only those passing our validation process will be moved forward.

A rule of thumb guide is to be expressive, showcase your talent and put your best foot forward when registering on our website as each application produces an online profile. These pages are widely viewed by employers around the world