New Zealand

The government of New Zealand supports accredited employers in the hiring of foreign labour, via various visa schemes.



Skills Provision has a positive history in New Zealand, be that on local, national, or international assignments.

Gone are the days, possibly forever, where highly skilled operatives can be picked up on the cheap. Nowadays workers understand their value in the market and simply won’t entertain unsuitable, low-ball offers. To compound matters further, Skills Provision only take on projects in New Zealand where offers are deemed fair and reasonable.

As a leading worldwide supplier of skilled labour, our organisation boasts a massive inventory of workers, people expressing an interest in sourcing new employment. Please take a moment to see if someone is suitable for you?

Prior to dealing with the contractual side of things, we like to showcase our services, working practises and dominant place in the market. We do this by presenting a visual demonstration. That way, employers fully understand how we operate and the value we provide.

Please take a moment to read through our business terms and conditions.

If you would like more information on our recruitment services in New Zealand, please email or utilise this website form.

Please note, all forms of contact are dealt with in a private and confidential manner.