Skills Provision offer employment support to businesses throughout the Netherlands.


The Netherlands is special


Over the years we have developed strong partnerships and alliances with many companies, and why not, we satisfy manpower requirements where others struggle or have failed. In the hiring game, where so much is promised, very few deliver as Skills Provision do.

The Netherlands is part of the European Union and as such can take advantage of the free movement of workers, from neighbouring countries (within the EU). On paper, this should satisfy manpower requirements, but it doesn’t. We are constantly called upon to provide workers from the international market.

An example of the sectors trawled includes:

As a dominant online company, we have the advantage of being able to source manpower from multiple sources:

Our systems have been fine tuned to find manpower even in niche and difficult to source areas.



At Skills Provision we don’t hang our hats on false promises. We deliver, but more important than that, we deliver with the right quality.

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All forms of employer contact are dealt with in the strictest confidence.