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The team at Skills Provision is well versed in the placement of Dutch workers into the International market. Over the past 10 years we’ve placed many Dutch nationals into employment, added to this we provided migrant worker support to internal organisations.

Benefits of working in the Netherlands are:

  • Good job opportunities across most sectors if you hold certified trade skills or professional qualifications
  • Good salaries and relatively low taxes
  • Multicultural with easy access to other EU countries

Benefits of employing Dutch workers:

  • Think internationally
  • Excellent linguists
  • Well educated and trained
  • Work well in multicultural teams
  • Broad based skills.

Even though the Netherlands is one of the smallest countries in Europe, it is one of the richest in the European Union. It is:

  • Stable, attracting inward investment
  • Strong in agriculture
  • Leads in food processing
  • Has large oil and gas interests
  • Important chemical interests
  • Has low unemployment
  • Good educational standards
  • Good corporate and personal working conditions

Would you like to come to work in The Netherlands? Facts show that The Netherlands is becoming one the most popular destinations for immigrants. At the moment the country offers good job opportunities in every sector. IT demand has slowed and building trades are not in as high demand as previously but sectors like health care and food processing remain major uses of international labour.

If you are interested in working in Holland simply join the site and register your CV.

Holland has a history of emigration so the brain drain sees the most ambitious looking at international opportunities but this is nothing new.

For Dutch employers with national or international skills shortages please let us know how we can help by making contact via our website.