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Skills Provision is a dedicated Chinese recruitment agency. We provide professional support to both hirers and job seekers.

Our aim is to support Chinese employers by sourcing the best available manpower for any given position. Developing a strong corporate reputation is difficult, positive results need to be produced year in year out, at Skills Provision we are winning this battle.

Chinese Recruitment

One of our strongest assets is our ability to be totally flexible. All placement contracts are different, each one requires an individual approach. Sourcing workers is one thing, sourcing the right workers, is totally different. Make no mistake, the right people can drive a business forward.

Our experience in the Chinese market is growing, so are the number of local projects we are involved in. We expect this trend to continue into the future.


If you are a Chinese company and require manpower support, we may have the perfect solution. The starting point is to make contact, following that we will send out our internal job description form. This is such an important process. It would be fair to say the job description document is the cornerstone of effective recruitment. Armed with the completed form we will be in a position to give guidance and details on the placement plan.

For more information on our Chinese recruitment services please email call +44 (0)2079890750 or utilise one of our website forms.

Job Seekers

The demand for skilled Chinese workers is very high within the international community. To take full advantage please register on our website.

Take care when producing an employment profile, fully showcase your talent and ability and if possible, upload a suitable portrait image.

The Skills Provision website is very popular. We receive many enquires from employers who trawl through our manpower database. After completing your profile please download our app, you can find this in the major stores by searching for ‘Skills Provision’. Here you will find details of our open positions and jobs coming soon.