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Skills Provision has deep ties with Spanish workers and Companies. Our in-house recruitment specialists are constantly dealing with candidate queries whilst searching for suitable manpower employers.

Spanish Recruitment

Benefits of working in Spain are:

  • Pleasant climate
  • The local culture
  • Good infrastructure, especially Healthcare
  • Multicultural with strong international ties
  • Good employment opportunities

Benefits to employing Spanish workers are:

  • Well educated
  • International outlook
  • Bilingual
  • Multi-skilled

All European Union Citizens can work in Spain subject to getting a Fiscal identity number. People outside the EU require a work permit and visa.

If you are interested in working in Spain it is important to speak the language. Whilst there may be a number of international companies that are happy to hire those who do not speak the language they are in the minority.

Main employment areas:

  • Healthcare professionals, doctors, dentists and nurses
  • Engineers, both electrical and mechanical
  • Hospitality and Tourism professionals with certified trade skills/degrees.
  • IT professionals
  • Professional Architects, Surveyors and Project Managers

Skills Provision source:

  • International employment for Spanish nationals
  • Employment opportunities for migrant workers

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