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Skills Provision specialise in the delivery of customised and scalable, international, project-based, recruitment services.

Each project is different, to that end all new enquires receive a free recruitment appraisal. This document covers the main aspects of hiring project manpower.

The normal run time for a project is over 1 year.

On certain projects a refundable retainer may be needed, this ensures long-term commitment from all parties.

As always, the most important element for our recruitment consultants is the hiring of the right people, by getting this right a project has more chance of success. Companies turn to Skills Provision because of our excellent track record and high levels of experience gained working on large, complex projects, around the world.

Chris Slay, the Managing Director of Skills Provision states. “Project based recruitment is an important sector for our business, it allows us to showcase our ability on large projects around the world. To date I’m delighted with the results we have achieved in this area”.

If you have an upcoming project and would like to discuss your recruitment options, please call our Support Team on +44 (0) 2079890750, alternatively you can email or fill out one of our website forms.

Remember when putting together project teams the most important element is hiring the right people, cutting corners here could prove to be a costly mistake.

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