Skills Provision supply skilled workers to Ireland.



The main source of the manpower we supply comes from the United Kingdom and the European Union because no employment visa is needed.

On undertakings where large manpower shortages exist, we may be forced into trawling much wider, moving into the international market

Common areas of manpower shortage are:

  • Electric vehicle manufacturing
  • Robotics
  • Engineering
  • Chemical
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Renewable energy
  • Business analytics
  • Finance and accounting

Good news for Irish employers, Skills Provision is ideally positioned to assist in the sourcing and placing highly skilled labour. Our international availability database is stacked with quality people who are patiently waiting for their next opportunity.

Francesca Bailey, our Operations Director, recently quoted. “I am constantly on the phone to Irish companies who need skilled workers. My message is clear: set your packages at an attractive level and we will find suitable workers. Remember, in the current environment, trawling for candidates is a competitive game. Plan well and stay ahead of the curve”.

If you would like more information on our manpower hiring services in Ireland, please email us at Alternatively, you can use our website form.

Please note, all enquiries are confidentially and respectfully processed.