Skills Provision provide employment solutions to companies operating in France.



Our dedicated team of industrial and recruitment specialists are highly adept at taking an assignment brief and filling the relevant Client Zones with top quality operators.

Whilst France benefits from the free movement of people within the Euro Zone, there are still manpower shortages, especially in highly skilled areas. As a generic business, we have the capability to source manpower from local, national and international markets.

Francesca Bailey, our Operations Director, quoted. “We have strong links to French companies, especially in areas such as engineering, renewable energy, construction and information technology. Our aim as always it to place the best available manpower so the businesses we support flourish and grow. It is however becoming more difficult in some areas, to that end my advice is to plan well and contact us at the earliest opportunity”.

Data protection is a key component in all forms of recruitment. At Skills Provision we go well beyond the requirements set out in GDPR as seen in our policy statement.

Our worker availability database is stacked with people who are interested in working in France. As a dominant global support agency, the number of people on our books rises constantly.

If you would like more information on our hiring and placement services in France, plus the safeguards we put in place, please email or use our website contact form.

Please note that all enquiries are dealt with in the strictest confidence.