It has been said many times, skills shortages in Italy are a ticking time bomb. Whilst the validity of that statement is unknown by us, it is true there are manpower problems.



Our job at Skills Provision is not to worry about hearsay or negativity but to be a shining light of positivity, by providing much needed employment support to Italian companies. Whatever sector shortages exist, be that, medical, financial, engineering, construction, renewable energy, it matters not, our mandate is the same, find suitable workers, people who will make a positive impact on their arrival.

Because Italy is part of the European Union, they benefit from the free movement of people within the EU. This certainly helps our organisation in sourcing new manpower.

As a global leader in the supply of skilled labour, we are able to call upon gifted copywriters, the best-in-class job board with unbeatable virtual strength and our very popular worker availability database.

For more information on the services we provide to businesses in Italy, please email us at Alternatively, you can use our contact form.

Please note, all employer enquiries are dealt with in the strictest confidence.

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