To coin a phrase, “everything in life is cyclical”, I will throw another out there, “the reverse brain drain”. Both comments are related to Poland and their migrant labour force.


Skilled Polish worker


Polish workers are returning home, in many ways this has unstabilised other countries/regions/sectors throughout Europe, as they were heavily reliant on migrant labour from Poland.

Our recruiters witness first-hand this sea-change when working for Polish companies. The reverse brain drain comment is related to IT workers returning home.

At Skills Provision we simply ride cyclical waves we don’t try and stand in their way. Our assignments should we accept the terms and conditions is to support the employer, a task we do exceptionally well.

Francesca Bailey, our Operations Director, quoted. “The Polish factor has changed the employment landscape in Europe. Reliance on the Poles is no longer there, not in the numbers it once was. This just means my teams need to be better than ever, especially on assignments requiring a large number of workers.

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