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As a leading supplier of international recruitment solutions, Skills Provision is ideally positioned to source employment for graduates around the world.

International Recruitment for Graduates

A large percentage of businesses, especially in technical areas, are looking to strategically position themselves by taking on young, inexperienced graduates. Through personal development and training the gamble of taking on lesser experienced graduates over seasoned operators appears to be paying off.

Graduates can be moulded to perfectly suit the needs of a company; they can also bring in new and fresh ideas. Naturally when comparing graduates over seasoned operator’s salary rates can differ dramatically.

Chris Slay, the Managing Director of Skills Provision states. “We are certainly seeing a change in hiring strategies; more and more companies appear to be interested in hiring graduates over their more experienced counter-parts. Within international recruitment I expect this trend to continue well into the future. The other factor to consider is business owners are getting younger, these people have a better understanding of what graduates can bring to the table, they are by nature risk takers. My advice to all businesses is to carefully consider your hiring strategies”.

Employers – Consider your job descriptions, are you taking into account the next generation of workers? Do you have the capability to train and develop the young and inexperienced, so down the road your company will be much stronger and rounded? If your business relies too heavily on time-served seasoned operators, what happens when they retire, basically you will be left with a difficult void to fill.

Graduates – If you would like to advertise your full potential simply, register on our website, taking care to fully showcase your ability and potential.

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