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Skills Provision specialise in the supply of pre-screened temporary workers, be that skilled or unskilled.

Temporary Workers

Whilst there is flexibility within our system, these are our general terms:

  • Minimum hire period of 6 months
  • Minimum number of workers hired, 6
  • Pay in excess of National Minimum Wage (to ensure staff commitment)
  • Accommodation support required, no more than 2 to a room

All quotes are subject to the completion of documentation and the signing of a contract.

Many companies require pre-screened temporary workers, the main reason is often to complete project related tasks. The main problem is finding a reliable manpower support agency. Skills Provision have over 10 years’ experience in sourcing skilled and unskilled labour. Our track record is second to none.

Hiring companies generally require large numbers when searching for temporary workers, to that end enough time needs to be given, so the supporting agency can source and process candidates accordingly.

In some circumstances Skills Provision will offer a contract labour option for temporary worker recruitment

If your company desperately requires temporary workers to complete a project or because you are undergoing transformational changes, simply contact the experts at Skills Provision. You can do this by emailing or filling out an online form. We can guarantee, you will not be disappointed.

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