South Africa

Skills Provision is proud to be in a position to support the new South Africa, through the supply of employment-based services.


South African workers


Skill shortages do exist in South Africa, primarily in:

Our job is to work with employers, so their businesses prosper and grow. We do this via the hiring of top-quality operators. Our form of recruitment is based on suitability and longevity. The longer workers remain in post the more balance and cohesion exists in the workplace, plus less hiring saves vast amounts of time and money.

Over the past 3 years 30% of our South African clientele have requested more workers. A sure sign we are performing at an optimum level.

As a leading supplier of skilled labour in South Africa we are proud of our extensive worker database and the sheer quality of the people in it. This resource gives us a firm base to start a new assignment from.

If you would like more information on our recruitment services in South Africa, please drop us a line by emailing or filling out our website form.

All enquiries are dealt with respectfully and in a confidential manner.