India Recruitment Services

Skills Provision has an exceptional track record in placing qualified Indian workers into the international marketplace.

As a global enterprise we have strong ties to corporations throughout India as well as the rest of the world. We are often called upon to place teams of specialist workers, often when other agencies have failed.

Indian Recruitment


Skills Provision hold a vast database of Indian workers, the majority of these are searching for international employment.

Benefits of employing Indian workers are:

  • Well educated
  • Exceptionally hard working
  • Flexible and quick to learn
  • Highly skilled
  • Willing to work overseas
  • Friendly natured

If you are interested in employing workers from India contact our agency at the earliest opportunity. Please note we will require a few details:

  • Placement offer
  • Details of employing company
  • Job description
  • Time frames

We like to proceed by hosting a visual demonstration of our services, this way prospective clients get to see first hand how our recruitment consultants operate and the tools at their disposal. To arrange this simply contact us via any of these means:

Job Seekers

Our database of Indian job seekers is constantly growing. If you would like to be added simply register on our website and produce a quality, attractive, Employment Profile. These are viewed extensively by employers around the world.

We would advise the upload of a recent head and shoulders portrait image and keeping submitted details up to date.