Our Official Podcast Covering Employment and International Recruitment

Welcome to our official podcast channel. Here we will cover an array of topics related to employment and international recruitment. We hope you will find the subjects covered interesting and insightful.

We plan to invite guest speakers on various discussions as we work our way through many challenging and at times controversial areas.

Please note all opinions given on our podcasts are personal and should not be referenced factually.

Each series contains the podcast transcript, this is in place for those who are hard of hearing or deaf.

Please enjoy


Francesca Slay

Head of Placement Activity



Skills Provision talks Romania- Ep 4

The Skills Provision Podcast, Episode 4: On this episode, Francesca, Pete, Chris and Dan talk the history of Romania, recruiting from and into and what the future holds.

Skills Provision takes on the Middle East- Ep 3

The Skills Provision Podcast, Episode 3: On this episode, Francesca, Pete, Chris and Nisma talk recruitment in the Middle East, challenges and the future.

UK Employer Sponsored Visas, Skills Provision – Ep 2

On this episode, Francesca, Pete and Chris talk about recruitment in post-BREXIT UK, the challenges facing employers and the adoption of Employer Sponsored Visas.

International Recruitment – Find perfect workers – Ep 1

The Skills Provision Podcast, Episode 1: On this episode, Francesca and Pete talk jobs, profiles, Ethical recruitment and how to become a Skills Provision Partner.