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At Skills Provision we believe employers should have the maximum of choice with the minimum of fuss. Our tailor-made solutions are ideal for those struggling to hire the right people.

International recruitment services

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A new buzz-word within the online arena is collaboration, communicating with people is hardly a new concept. That said the technical team at Skills Provision have introduced unique software that allows recruiters and employers to communicate effectively with each other.

Cross border solutions

There is an increasing demand for manpower related assistance for employers that operate across national boundaries. At Skills Provision in the delivery of cross border solutions.

Global footprint

Skills Provision has grown to be a leading player in the international employment marketplace. Our website and social media channels are highly visible and produce excellent visitor statistics.

Job seeker database

Skills Provision hold a vast database of job seekers who are interested in working overseas.

Our data is stored in 2 separate locations:

Visible – listed on our website

Private – listed on internal databases

Employers constantly benefit from our job seeker information.

Large recruitment tasks

An example of recruitment undertakings that required a large numbers of workers:

  • 40 specialists from Poland to India to work on a new plant for Mercedes Benz
  • 60 retail workers from across the EU for a well-known retailer
  • 150 bus drivers for Deutsche Bahn’s UK operations from across the EU
  • 150 childcare workers from across the EU for the UK group Key
  • 400 overseas construction workers involved in building new towns in Saudi Arabia.
  • 1000 mixed-skilled workers for Saudi Arabia