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CareersProfessional qualifications are recognised in various jurisdictions around the world. The problem is a lack of global cohesiveness. Most countries operate a system based on their own rules and regulations. Thankfully help is at hand, Skills Provision fully understand worldwide professional qualifications and the necessary steps that may be required when searching for a job.

Please, do not assume professional qualifications will allow you to work outside of the UK. Similarly, migrants looking to work in the UK from outside of the European Union will almost certainly have to go through a skills recognition test as part of their visa process. Even EU professionals may need to go down this road as certain certified trade skills and professional qualifications are not be recognised in the United Kingdom.

So what action should be taken to establish whether skills are recognised in the UK?

UK Citizens

If your skills were gained in the UK no further steps are necessary.

Overseas Citizens

  • Visit the United Kingdom Border Agency website and establish whether you are likely to be granted a visa.
  • If yes, ask your home country authority where you gained your skills for help in establishing if skills recognition is required in the location you are targeting.
  • If you can’t get an answer write to the target country embassy in your home country and ask for help. Do remember to include a certified copy of your professional qualifications. If not in English they will require translation.
  • The process is straight forward once you know the rules; please allow 4-6 weeks for the process. There is usually a charge for this service.

UK Citizens Working Abroad

  • Visit the government site of your targeted country and follow the procedures outlined above.

Skills Provision offers general advice on professional qualifications. Please note candidates will need to achieve both skills recognition and be eligible for a visa before we can assist with placements either in the UK or overseas.

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