International Logistic Employment Agency

Skills Provision lead the way in international logistic employment solutions.


Logistics Worker


Why employers take us seriously:

  • Extensive database
  • Expansive international network
  • Large international footprint
  • Full employer support, offering various contracts
  • A fair pricing structure
  • 30-day free replacement policy
  • Professional approach towards sourcing and screening candidates
  • Technically strong
  • Innovative approach
  • Experienced in logistical support

Employment solutions include:

Hiring workers in the logistical sector can be costly if manpower turnover rates are high. Cost savings can only be achieved by employing the right people, first time round. The in-depth screening processes utilised by Skills Provision identify candidates’ strengths and weaknesses, this is crucial when filtering, it goes a long way towards reducing churn.

Our organisation has the ability to source from local, national and international markets. This means our reach far outweighs those of traditional agencies. As skill shortages grip the logistics sector sourcing the right manpower is not as easy as many think.

Logistics is a large sector, it covers many areas. In terms of manpower It stretches from the high echelons of management to warehouse operatives. To expand and grow, more manpower is needed, this is a simple rule of business. To attract the right workers and keep hold of them, financial packages need to be fair and reasonable.

If you would like more information on our logistic recruitment services, please get in touch, you can do this by emailing our Support Team at, or utilising a website contact form. All enquiries are dealt with in a prompt, professional and confidential manner.