Fish filleter, merchandiser seeking work in UK


I am from The Philippines 36 years old Single. I used to work as a Fish Monger / Fish cutter in Michael's Seafood Parramatta NSW Australia for 3 years from December 2019 to January 2022 unfortunately our shop closed because my boss Michael wants to retire and that is the reason also why I went home last February 2022. As a fish cutter in Michael's Seafood, most of the time I am working in the kitchen area doing the cuts of fish and maintaining the cleanliness and orderliness in the kitchen working together with my supervisor Raj. my shifts starts at 7am and ends at 7pm from monday to friday. It changes sometimes depends on the roster of our boss made. When I don't have a schedule in Michaels Seafood, I am working as a housekeeping attendant / cleaner in private house somewhere in near Bondi Beach. If needed even sundays I still do cleaning job to have extra income. That time i was the only one who is working in our family so I had to support them for their needs in the Philippines especially when pandemic strikes. I am dedicated person especially when it comes to work. I am resilient person, my father died when I was abroad working alone in 2019. I dont know how but i manage to survive that tough times of my life and still be able to work and do my best everyday.

Serial No: 190895
Skills keywords: fish cutter, fish filleter, retail merchandiser, room attendant, spray painter

List Of Qualifications & Related Skills:

knowledge in cleaning, trimming, cutting and doing fillets of different kinds of fish.
customer service oriented.
critical thinking and management skills.
ability to work long hours.
ability to carefully read and follow instructions.
good teamwork skills.
easily adjusts to differrent work environment and shifts.
can work even under minimum supervision.
excellent physical stamina and the ability to multitask.
highly motivated and good listener.
capability to work under pressure.
ability to prioritize.
can undergo training.
empathy and compassion.
ability to lift heavy eqiupment.
knowledge in housekeeping.
ability to prioritize.

Previous Employment Details:

Alex and Sons Auto Painting Services
Spray Painter - February 2015 to February 2018 / March 2022 to March 2023

in charge in removing rust and other loose materials using wire brush.
Filling sanding and smoothing surfaces that needed to be sprayed.
applying masking tape and coverings over areas that are not being sprayed.
selecting and attaching nozzle to create the desired spray pattern.
inspecting and assessing spray coating after paint has dried.

Private houses - Sydney Australia
housekeeping attendant - June 2018 to February 2022

in charge in dusting furniture, sweeping, mopping, as well as washing and polishing floors.
vacuuming carpets , upholstery and other dusty places.
making beds and fluffing pillows.
folding clean laundry.
scrubbing and sanitizing all relevant surfaces.
handling all furniture and appliances carefully.

Michaels Seafood Parramatta Australia
Fish filleter / cutter

in charge in maintaining stock level in store.
assists customers by identifying products so suit their needs and process payment transactions.
responsible in receiving day to day deliveries.
cleaning and cutting fillets.
scaling and trimming fish.

Interests & Hobbies:

one of hobby when I have spare time is playing a lot of videogames on gaming console like playstation 4 and 5. I've played a lot of games there like The last of us 1 and 2, spiderman, rachet and clank, God of war, Horizon, call of the call of duty and of course NBA2k.
another hobby of mine is watching movies in netflix and if sometimes i could not find the movie i want , i will download it in my phone like the famous Game of Thrones series and now im watching house of the dragon, already finished season 1 waiting for the next. I am also an avid fan of basketball especially NBA. I used to play basketball a lot back when I was a child, but as I glow old I got more busy doing other things like work so I just only watch basketball not playing anymore and I dont know if Im still able to play it.

Current location:  Central Luzon, Philippines - View on map
Nationality: filipino
Spoken languages: English & tagalog