Fish Farming Expert


During my tenure at wealth farms\' acquired valuable skills in pond management, fish health assessment, and daily farm operation.My responsibilities included overseeing feeding schedules, monitoring water quality, and implementing best practices to ensure the well being of the fish stock.I successfully collaborated with colleagues, demonstrating effective communication and teamwork, which contributed to the over all success of the farm.

Subsequently, at Urock Fishing pond,I continued to refine my expertise in fish farming I took on additional responsibilities including pond maintenance, record-keeping and adapting to evolving dedication to maintaining high standards in fish filtering and my ability to adapt to changing circumstances were instrumental in the continuous success of the operations.

I am particularly proud of my certification in fish farming from ALADJA Fishers Association, which further enhance my theoretical knowledge and practical skills in the field.the certification reflects my commitment to staying updated about industry advancement and maintaining a high level of proficiency.

Serial No: 189829
Skills keywords: fish filleter, fish processer, fish processing labourer

List Of Qualifications & Related Skills:

Highfield Level 3 As International Award In First Aid (15/1/2022)

B.Sc Accounting, University Of Lagos Nigeria (2008)

Certificate Of Completion,Fish Farming Practice, Aladja Fishers Association (2016)

Interests & Hobbies:

Fish husbandry, feeding management, Teamwork, communication, adaptability, Biosecurity, Record keeping, problem solving, safety awareness, Creative. Leadership skills, compassionate, cheerful and care

Previous Employment Details:

Fish Farm Worker 2019 Till Date .

Urock Fish Pond off Airport Road, Benin City, Edo State,Nigeria

1.Sort inspect, skinning fishes, trimming fishes, washing fishes, cooking and smoking fishes.

2.Monitors water Quality parameters such as temperature, PH, Oxygen Level, and ammonia Levels, and take corrective Actions as needed to maintain optimal conditions for fish health and growth.

3.Monitors Fish health, identify signs of disease or stress, and implement appropriate treatment or Preventative measures under the guidance of supervisor or veterinarian.

4.Assits with fish breeding activities, including spawning, egg incubation, larval rearing and fry Production, ensuring proper care and conditions for successful reproduction.

5.Performs Routin Maintenance tasks on aquaculture systems such as tanks, ponds, raceways, and filtration systems to ensure efficient operation and cleanliness.

6.Operates and Maintain equipment and machinery used in fish farming operations, such as aerators, pumps feeders, and netting systems ensuring safe efficient operation.

7.Maintains Accurate records of daily activities, including feeding schedules, water quality measurement, fish health observations and inventory levels, to track production and ensure compliance with regulations.

Fish Farm worker 2017 to 2019.

Wealth Farms Ogode Warri, Delta State, Nigeria

1.Assisted with harvesting fish at the appropriate size and weight, sorting, grading, and packaging fish for sales of distribution, following proper handling and hygiene protocols.

2.Operated and maintained equipment and machinery used in fish farming operations, such as aerators, pumps,feeders, and netting systems, ensuring safe and efficient operation.

3.Implemented best management practices to minimize environmental impact associated with fish farming, such as waste management, nutrient cycling, and water conservation.

4.Implemented biosecurity measures to prevent the introduction and spread of disease and pathogens within the farm, including proper sanitation, quarantine procedures, and visitor protocols.

5.Collaborated effectively with colleagues and supervisors to coordinates tasks, share information, and address challenges in a timely and efficient manners.

6.Adhered to safety protocols and regulations to ensure a safe working environment for oneself and others, including proper use of personal protective equipment and protective equipment and safe handling of chemicals and equipment.

7.Skinning Fishes, trimming fishes, washing Fishes,Gilling and smoking, preserving fishes,Caving Fishes

Current location:  Edo, Nigeria - View on map
Nationality: Nigeria
Preferred Sector of Employment:  Hotel and Catering, Travel and Tourism, other
Spoken languages: english
Location I am interested in working: Anywhere