Data Entry Specialist seeking work in America


Data Entry Specialist and Content Writer with a proven track record in my previous role at 12 Steps Marketing LLC. I bring a meticulous approach to data entry, ensuring accuracy and efficiency in managing information. As a content writer, I've successfully crafted engaging and impactful content. I'm excited about the opportunity to apply my expertise in data entry and content creation to contribute to innovative projects. My commitment to precision and creativity aligns seamlessly with the values of your team.

Serial No: 187789
Skills keywords: article writing, copywriting, data entry expert, report writing

List Of Qualifications & Related Skills:

Accurately input, update, and maintain data in company databases.Organize and archive files to ensure easy access.Review data for errors and correct any inconsistencies.Create engaging, clear, and grammatically correct written content.Research topics to ensure accuracy and relevance.Tailor writing style to suit different platforms and audiences.

Previous Employment Details:

Details on request

Interests & Hobbies:

I have a diverse range of interests and hobbies that keep me engaged and balanced outside of work. I'm an avid reader, particularly enjoying historical fiction and modern literature, which allows me to unwind and expand my perspectives. In addition, I have a passion for outdoor activities; hiking and cycling are my go-to activities for staying active and connected with nature. I also have a keen interest in photography, especially capturing landscapes and urban scenes, which complements my love for travel and exploration. On the creative side, I enjoy cooking and experimenting with new cuisines, as it's a delightful way to express creativity and enjoy time with friends and family. Lastly, I am a technology enthusiast and spend time keeping up with the latest tech trends and gadgets, which helps me stay informed and tech-savvy.

Current location:  United Kingdom - View on map
Nationality: American
Spoken languages: english