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Within the energy sector, Skills Provision specialise in international recruitment for organisations involved in power generation, transmission and renewable energy.



Opportunities arise around the world; this means we are continuously matching candidates to open positions.

Skills Provision provides specialist workers across the power product and project life cycle, as well as supporting elements, positions include:

  • Administration
  • Engineering specialists
  • Environmental workers
  • Financial support
  • Human resources
  • Hydro specialists
  • Legal experts
  • Manufacturing consultants
  • Maintenance operatives
  • Marketing personnel
  • Project managers
  • Procurement managers
  • Sales staff
  • IT support staff

The international energy and utility sector is a large domain. Our success has been generated from a detailed understanding of the sector, matched with the successful placement of workers who are making a positive impact in the positions they take up. Skills Provision do not play a numbers game, the aim is a clear one, to place the right people into the right positions.

Skills Provision are recognised as industry leaders within the International recruitment sector. If you are interested in our specialist services please visit our Employers Section you will find an array of useful information.

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