Project Managers

Project Managers are responsible for the execution and delivery of a task or undertaking. They are generally considered experts in their chosen field.


Specialist project manager


Having a competent Project Manager in place will make a difference, this could be cost, manpower, communication or delivery related. On large undertakings, many Project Managers can be utilised.

Skills Provision has vast experience in this area, supporting many high-profile projects around the world. In terms of availability, here we are second to none, employers will be staggered to see the sheer volume of Project Managers on our books.

Francesca Bailey our International Placement Director recently quoted. “I have the available manpower, without the need of trawling, to support 100’s of projects around the world. I have that luxury due to the exceptional hard work and dedication of my teams and the strength of the Skills Provision brand”.

If your company is interested in hiring one or more of our Project Managers please be aware:

  • Financial packages are expected to be fair and reasonable, above all legal
  • A dedicated Account Manager will be allocated to your task
  • In the early stages a company representative needs to be available
  • If sourcing internationally, accommodation support is helpful
  • A company representative will be expected to attend our service-based demonstration
  • You will be expected to utilise our best-in-class Client Zone
  • Detailed and comprehensive job descriptions will be required



For Skills Provision we are all about over-delivery, building longstanding relationships and fully supporting employers.

If you would like more information on the recruitment of Project Managers, please email or utilise one of our website forms.