Human Resource Specialists

In the corporate world, Human Resource Specialists are the overseers of people and process, in many ways, they are responsible for maintaining and enhancing the culture of an organisation.


HR Specialists at work


General responsibilities can include:

  • Manpower – legal compliance within the workplace
  • Personnel management
  • Recruitment (inflow and outflow)
  • Pay, awards and benefits
  • Training
  • Data protection
  • Internal and external communications
  • Documentation and auditing
  • Grievance

It could be said of HR. It is a job people like to complain about, but those doing the complaining would fare no better if they were doing the job.

Due to the sensitive and complex nature of HR, it is vital the right people are placed, those with the skill and capability to do what is expected and more importantly, to help a venture prosper and grow. This is why the team at Skills Provision do everything in their power to push forward the strongest candidates into our Client Zone.

As a world leader in the sourcing and placing of Human Resource Specialists we are in the favourable position of holding well in excess of 3,000 people in our international database. Rest assured companies who partner with us quickly realise they are dealing with global agency of standing, a company who not only delver in a professional and positive manner but also care about those placed and supported.



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