HGV Drivers

Throughout every place in the world, where roads and civilisation exist, HGV Drivers can be seen going about their business. These people provide a vital service in support of the general public whilst continually turning corporate wheels. During the global pandemic these drivers played a massively important role, one we should always be grateful for and never forget.

HGV Vehicle

Throughout a calendar year Skills Provision place many HGV Drivers. As a dominant global agency, we always have a plentiful amount of drivers in our availability database.

When placing international HGV Drivers, it is imperative and a legal necessity to carry out conversion training and license reclassification, where relevant. At Skills Provision, we don’t leave anything to chance our detailed approach and best-in-class support make us the perfect choice.

When processing a new client, we run though a series of employment-based subjects, where relevancy exists.

These include:

  • Service-based demonstration, covering all aspects of our work, from the start to the end of an assignment
  • Discuss timeline and associated subjects
  • Working with and managing a multicultural workforce
  • What denotes a fair and reasonable package, pay and awards
  • Motivation and retention, vital where shortages exist
  • Accommodation or support in this area
  • Cover data protection
  • Travel
  • Employer sponsored visas

Whilst Skills Provision don’t deal directly with employer sponsored visas, we are supported by a professional and competent agency.



If you would like more information on the hiring of HGV Drivers, please email enquiries@skills-provision.com or utilise one of our website forms.

Please note, we deal all enquiries with in a confidential and private manner.