Heavy Duty HGV Technicians 

Heavy Duty HGV Technicians are responsible for the maintenance, inspection, repair and servicing of trucks and trailers or anything that falls into the category of ‘large transportation’.


HGV Technician


Skills Provision is constantly entrusted with sourcing the right calibre of manpower for these assignments, fully understanding working on large sized transportation carries and contains high levels of risk.

Why do companies constantly turn to Skills Provision when looking for Heavy Duty HGV Technicians?

The answer falls into various categories:

  • Trust
  • International compliance
  • Caring, empathetic attitudes
  • Best in class technical systems
  • Fairly priced
  • Constantly deliver
  • Work well to tight deadlines
  • Offer insurance by way of a 30-day free replacement policy
  • Will not compromise on quality
  • Zero discrimination

Our advice to employers searching for Heavy Duty HGV Technicians is clear, before contemplating making important employment decisions you need to book a no obligation demonstration. That way you will see first-hand what all the fuss is about and how open, transparent and powerful the Skills Provision Group is.

Like all ethical employment agencies our first stage, following official acceptance, is to request detailed and comprehensive job descriptions. Whilst these documents don’t provide us with all the information, they are a good starting point.



Recruiters at Skills Provision understand that being qualified is only one element when it comes to sourcing the right people, those that enhance a business not just work for it.

We take all our employment responsibilities seriously, hence for local, national and international assignments there are no better.

For more information on hiring Heavy Duty HGV Technicians please email enquiries@skills-provision.com or utilise one of our website forms.