The financial market is dominated by Accountants, these specialists cover many disciplines, and are very much needed in the corporate world.



Under the keyword ‘accountant’ the international availability database at Skills Provision displays over 1000 people, most of these are suitable for accountancy roles. A stunning number when you consider the global shortage of qualified experts.

Skills Provision has placed many Accountants into the international market. The common denominator being all have been highly suitable for their new role. Our organisation is more interested in building longstanding relationships with employers than placing a few workers in an ad-hoc manner. To that end we need to be on top of our game.

Recruitment fees are a contentious subject, we understand this. That is why we adopt an open and visible approach. We request those interested in using our services, for the first time, be taken through a service demonstration. This presentation, which runs from the start of a project to the arrival of new manpower, is thorough, and fully showcases how we deliver positive results and value for money.

We take the stress out of international recruitment by placing those considered suitable in our Client Zones. In here all the information required by employers is logically laid out, including our own benchmark scores. This system has received amazing reviews from our clientele.

If you would like more information on the recruitment of Accountants, please email us at or use one of our website forms.