Telecom Network Pro with extensive experience

Serial No: 6069
Skills keywords: CCNP, fttx/ftth, managed services, transmission
Current location:  Dubai, United Arab Emirates - View on map
Spoken languages: english, Urdu
Professional Synopsis:
  • Telecommunication Professional, holding Bachelor Degree in Computer Science with over 10 years’ experience in Access Networks (FTTx)/ IP Networks /Digital Switching Systems/Transmission.
  • A troubleshooter able to effectively and efficiently resolve issues and achieve challenging goals and objectives.
  • A keen planner, strategist & implementer with technical expertise in Network Design, Project Management, Operations & Maintenance and QA.
  • An effective communicator & team leader with strong analytical, problem solving & organizational abilities.                                    
Professional Experience

Emirates Telecommunication Corporation. (ETISALAT)               2008-Present

 Integrated Services Operations FTTx- (Access NOC/Managed Services).

 Key Accomplishments

  • 24×7 Alarm Monitoring in NMS and Escalating to Concerns through Email, SMS Portal and Remedy Trouble Ticket.
  • Responsible for Critical Incident Management, Notifications & escalations.
  • Providing Level2 and Level3 support for solving complex technical problems.
  • Data maintaining like Alarms Reports, Service Data Base, and weekly, Monthly, Quarterly Reports.
  • Coordinate & provide Support to Vendor Staff to upgrade the Software of OLT’s/ONT’s in Single as well as in Bulk Mode.
  • Administrate and analyze network fault/ trouble tickets. Coordinates and monitors the outages with other sections until the problem are resolved.
  • Coordinate section activities and ensure smooth operational flow and acceptance of new systems.
  • Major participation in implementation & testing of the different network topologies, analyzing the technical problems and support to O&M.

Alcatel Lucent 7450 & 7750 SR Routers.

  • Providing the 1st level support for troubleshoot network connectivity and/or product performance issues 
through using NMS Service Aware Manager (SAM 5650) and SSH.
  • Monitor the Traffic of Layer 2& Layer 3 VPN Circuits using NMS/SSH.
  • Traffic analysis both egress and ingress for the different Business Services during the troubleshooting.

CISCO Ethernet Access Switches ME 3400G-12CS DC, CISCO ME3600X/Wi-MaX

  • Handle Cisco ME 3400, ME3600x switches via Cisco Works and Telnet.
  • Responsible for providing and maintaining Backhaul Services for Legacy Equipment’s UMTS, Wi-MaX, and Microwave Links through CISCO Switches and migration of Node B traffic over CISCO Switches for NE Region.
  •   Monitored NE (Northern Emirates) Wimax Base Stations (Axxcelera) through NMS.
Huawei MA5600T GPON.
  • Configuring the parameters of GPON (OLTs and ONTs) using NMS IManager N2000 and IManager U200.
  • Responsible for providing and maintaining Residential Services (POTs, H.S.I. & IP-TV) Business Customer Services (IP-VPN, VLL & E1 Circuits) and migration of UMTS/GSM traffic over GPON through OT550, HG851, HG851a, HG8240, OT925, OT928, MA5620.


  • Configuring the parameters of GPON (OLTs and ONTs) using NMS Nethorizhon ZMS Server.
  • Responsible for providing and maintaining Residential Services (POTs, H.S.I. & IP-TV) Business Customer Services (IP-VPN, VLL & E1 Circuits) and migration of UMTS/GSM traffic over GPON through ONT ZNID 2520, ONT ZNID 5114,ONT ZNID 5120,ONT ZNID 7310,ONT ZNID 2424.

Alcatel-Lucent GPON 7342-7360

  • Configuring the parameters of GPON (OLTs and ONTs) using 5520 AMS.
  • Responsible for providing and maintaining Residential Services (POTs, H.S.I. & IP-TV) Business Customer Services (IP-VPN) I240GA, I240GP, I440GP, B2404GP, B8102GA.

Huawei OSN3500

  • Configuring the parameters of OSN3500 and Metro 1000 using NMS T2000
  • Configuring Cross connects for OSN and Metro both.
  • Providing backhauls for GSM (2G and 3G sites), PDMUXs etc.

Huawei UA5000 (APMB-IPMB) ZHONE MALC C19&C319, ZHONE Raptor (IP, ATM)

  • Configuring the parameters of MSAN, IP MALC, IP RAPTOR using NMS IManager N2000 and NMS Nethorizhon ZMS Server.
  • Responsible for providing and maintaining Residential Services (POTs, H.S.I.) Business Customer Services (IP-VPN, VLL).
Professional Experience

Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited. (PTCL)              2002-2008

PSTN Operation and Maintenance

Key Accomplishments

  • Operation and maintenance of All type of switching systems
  • Managing Backups of Database
  • File management System, B Table Administrations, routing backups,
  • Event and Fault management. Charge and TT Files management.
  • Maintenance Client Server Application over LAN and WAN.
  • Zoning Charging and Routing of new database.
  • Creating and maintenance of PRI’s, BRI’s, E1, and trunks to other exchange
  • Trouble Shooting MSU-RLU connectivity issues. Dealt with Hardware Failures.
  • Trunk Testing and CCS#7 Trunks operations. Call Traces, and Call Dumps. 
  • Coordination for the configuration and Implementation of connectivity requirements for corporate customers, re-sellers and ISPs.

CCNA (Routing and Switching) 2010 (CSCO11730731)

CCNP (Routing and Switching) 2012 (CSCO11730731)

DIT   (Diploma in Information Technology)(2006-2007)

Computer Networks (2007-2008)

Professional Trainings

ICND-1 2009 Etisalat Academy DUBAI.

Huawei I-Manger N2000 2009 Etisalat Academy DUBAI.

  • Monitor the running status of I-manger N200 UMS.
  • Execute data base backing up and restoring
  • Set the management Authority for System Operators.
  • Perform Adding NGN elements.

GPON OSP Installation & Testing 2009 Etisalat Academy DUBAI.

  • Bandwidth Consumption for typical services/application.
  •  Concept of PON & GPON Networks.
  • PON OSP Test equipments and uses in telecom industry.
  • Building Scalable IP Networks 2010 Etisalat Academy Dubai.
  • Concept of IP Routing.
  • Design IP version IV addressing scheme for Enterprise Networks.
  • Working Principle of Distance Vector and link stat Routing protocols.
  • Operation implementation and trouble shooting of Different protocols i.e.

Huawei U-SYS SoftX3000 Soft Switch (Product Training) 2010 Etisalat Academy Dubai.

  • NGN System Over View
  • NGN Protocol Overview
  • Softx3000 Hardware System
  • Softx300 Data configuration overview
  • Softx300 hardware and Office Data Configuration.

ZTE GPON ZXA10 C300 (Product Training) 2011 Etisalat Academy Dubai ZTE University Certificate

  • GPON Principal
  • Overview of ZTE GPON Equipment
  • ZXA C300 GPON System structure Operation and maintance of ZXA C300  
  • Netnuman N31 Introduction and Advance Function

Six Months training in telecommunications at RTTS Lahore. This course was designed by ITU and included extensive theoretical and hand-on training on the following digital switching systems

  • Ericsson AXE-10 Digital Switch, Siemens EWSD Digital Switch (Version APS-12)
  • Alcatel (E-10 B), ZTE (ZXJ-10) , Huawei C&C08

Introduction to AXE-10 (Ericssion) 2005 TSC (PTCL) Haripur Pakistan.

Operation and maintenance to AXE-10 (Ericsson) 2006 TSC (PTCL) Pakistan.

Major Projects

  • Migration of 3000K Pots lines of Soft switch from 4S1/4S2 to 6S1/6S2.
  • Re-allocation of OLT’s Boundaries (OQS to OJB Migration).
  • Migration of copper/legacy services & equipment to FTTH/GPON.
  • Migration of 300 legacy ILL to FTTH/GPON.
  • Service provisioning for 300 LTE sites on FTTH network that required resource planning, making Network equipment available based on planning and commissioning the service, using the Huawei and Zhone GPON OTLs.
  • Resource Planning/service provisioning for Migration of 2G/3G sites from copper to FTTH/GPON network.
Academic Qualifications


  • Bachelor of Science in Computer Science BS (CS)                                                
  • Diploma of Associate Engineering (DAE Electronics)