Seeking barista job in Croatia


As a seasoned hospitality professional, I excel in creating exceptional guest experiences. With a strong background in front office operations, event planning, and team leadership, I bring a dedication to service excellence. My adeptness in communication, problem-solving, and attention to detail ensures seamless operations. Let's elevate your hospitality offerings and exceed guest expectations together.

Serial No: 188203
Skills keywords: barista, waitress/barista

List Of Qualifications & Related Skills:

1. Customer Service: Guest Relations, Problem Resolution, Communication
2. Event Planning: Banquet Coordination, Logistics, Detail Management
3. Culinary Skills: Cooking Techniques, Menu Creation, Food Presentation
4. Front Office Operations: Reservation Systems, Check-in/Check-out, Guest Services
5. Housekeeping: Cleaning Protocols, Attention to Detail, Organization
6. Communication: Interpersonal Skills, Multilingualism, Active Listening
7. Time Management: Prioritization, Efficiency, Scheduling
8. Adaptability: Flexibility, Open-Mindedness, Handling Pressure
9. Sales and Marketing: Upselling, Promotion, Relationship Building
10. Conflict Resolution: Diplomacy, Problem Solving, Calm Under Pressure
11. Teamwork: Collaboration, Cooperation, Cross-functional Interaction
12. Financial Management: Budgeting, Expense Control, Cost Analysis
13. Event Coordination: Planning, Execution, Vendor Management
14. Cultural Awareness: Diversity, Inclusivity, Cultural Sensitivity
15. Problem Solving: Quick Thinking, Resourcefulness, Decision Making
16. Health and Safety: First Aid, Emergency Response, Safety Protocols
17. Negotiation: Vendor Negotiation, Contract Management, Pricing
18. Attention to Detail: Accuracy, Thoroughness, Quality Control
19. Leadership: Supervision, Team Management, Leading by Example
20. Conflict Prevention: Proactive Communication, Anticipating Issues, Mediation
21. Menu Planning: Dietary Restrictions, Seasonal Variations, Cost Consideration
22. Technology Proficiency: Point of Sale Systems, Reservation Software, Communication Apps
23. Guest Experience Enhancement: Personalization, Surprise and Delight, Anticipation
24. Bar and Beverage Management: Mixology, Inventory Control, Compliance
25. Cultural Understanding: International Etiquette, Customs, Sensitivity
26. Crisis Management: Emergency Response, Contingency Planning, Decision Making
27. Sustainability: Green Initiatives, Eco-friendly Practices, Waste Reduction
28. Team Training: Onboarding, Skill Development, Continuous Improvement
29. Upselling: Product Knowledge, Persuasion, Customer Needs Assessment
30. Conflict Handling: De-escalation, Understanding Perspectives, Resolution
31. Technology Integration: Digital Guest Experience, Automation, Online Reservations
32. Quality Assurance: Standards Adherence, Inspection Processes, Feedback Implementation
33. Social Media Engagement: Online Reputation Management, Social Media Platforms
34. Menu Engineering: Profitability Analysis, Popular Item Promotion, Pricing Strategy
35. Customer Relationship Management (CRM): Guest Database, Personalized Services, Loyalty Programs
36. Brand Representation: Consistent Branding, Brand Ambassadorship, Corporate Image
37. Menu Knowledge: Ingredients, Dietary Restrictions, Special Requests Handling
38. Inventory Management: Stock Control, Ordering, Cost Analysis
39. Crisis Communication: Transparent Communication, Guest Relations, Media Interaction
40. Multitasking: Handling Multiple Responsibilities, Efficiency, Prioritization
41. Employee Training: On-the-job Training, Skill Development Programs, Cross-training
42. Attention to Cleanliness: Sanitation Standards, Hygiene Practices, Health Protocols
43. Guest Feedback Analysis: Surveys, Reviews, Continuous Improvement Initiatives
44. Reservation Management: Booking Systems, Reservation Confirmations, Room Allocation
45. Hygiene Standards: Food Safety, Sanitation Protocols, Cleaning Procedures
46. Customer Retention: Loyalty Programs, Personalized Offers, Relationship Building
47. Revenue Management: Pricing Strategies, Yield Optimization, Forecasting
48. Crisis Preparedness: Contingency Plans, Emergency Drills, Risk Assessment
49. Vendor Relationship Management: Negotiation, Contract Renewal, Quality Assurance
50. Personalized Service: Anticipating Guest Needs, Special Requests, VIP Treatment

Previous Employment Details:

Details on request

Interests & Hobbies:

Exploring diverse interests and hobbies, I enjoy immersing myself in literature, discovering new worlds through fiction. Passionate about photography, capturing moments that tell stories. Embracing the outdoors, hiking fuels my love for nature. A dedicated fitness enthusiast, I find joy in staying active and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Engaging in culinary adventures, experimenting with flavors is a delightful pastime. Traveling expands my horizons, providing cultural insights and unforgettable experiences. Lastly, technology fascinates me, constantly learning about the latest advancements.

Current location:  Al Qassim Province, Saudi Arabia - View on map
Nationality: Bangladeshi
Spoken languages: english