Project Manager, IT, Internet and Telecom

Serial No: 10771
Skills keywords: business, product project
Current location:  Berlin, Germany - View on map
Nationality: Portuguese
Spoken languages: Catalan, english, german, portuguese, spanish

Work Experience

08/2010 – 02/2012 Managing Director Barcelona

Alojapro (IT company)

• Business analysis team lead bringing an exhaustive understanding about the competitive landscape and our competitive position (competition study, product benchmark, market research, trends, internal analysis, PEST and Porter analysis).

• Business and company plan craft, alongside with 5-years-term forecast financials, sustaining approval from company’s ownership to introduce a new business model.

• 5-years functional plans (IT, communication, sales, service delivery, product marketing) development and implementation lead producing improvements in all areas:

o IT: disorganization and demotivation issues sorted out with the introduction of a general chronogram, new process and weekly developers’ evaluation.

o Communication: from a not effective approach to a consistent and targeted action package.

o Sales: from zero acquisitions to 100+ new B2B Clients, only in the first year. Marketing principles were introduced and experienced sales reps were hired.

o Service delivery: inefficiency tackled with new processes.

o Product marketing: from unclear proposition to strategic positioning, product-flavours definition and pricing policy established (based on price sensibility, costs accountability and competitor’s price).

• New people management approach introduction, featuring team building, coaching, evaluation and career plan (team assessment, career plan, yearly employee evaluation). Results:

o Radical emotional improvements within the staff: . Changed from defeated “can´t sell” mentality to a positive cycle of optimism and self-confidence.

• Weekly follow-up meetings promoting a continual process improvement:

o Scrum implementation.

o Dramatic quality and level of service uplift.

• Implementation supervision and weekly report to Shareholder. Major achievement:

o Exponential B2B Customer base expansion from 4 internal B2B Clients to over 100.

• Goodwill generation with key stakeholders (Clients, providers, managers, Shareholders)

03/2010 – 07/2010 Network Engineer Barcelona

D-Link (network manufacturer)

• 2nd level technical support on network equipment installation, configuration and troubleshooting.

01/2009 – 07/2009 MBA Final Project Tutor Barcelona

EADA Business School

• Advise a MBA final project team on how to transform their idea into a viable business proposition, including far-reaching situational analysis, meaningful market research, advanced business modelling, rock-solid financials and robust implementation planning.

09/2008 – 02/2010 Sales & Marketing Manager Barcelona (international website)

• Market entry strategy development (Portugal): situational analysis, strategy, operation, objectives. Outcome:

o Sales boost by 20% due to a better value proposition and accurate potential Client assessment.

o Brand positioning enhancement after competition research on market stakeholders.

o Sales force efficiency improvement due to market segmentation and targeting.

• B2B sales and account: product presentation, proposal adjustment, negotiation, close of deal

o Corporate Clients acquisition objectives accomplishment.

• Team building and Culture reinforcement on a young multicultural atmosphere.

05/2002 – 09/2006 Senior Mobile Services Manager Lisbon

TMN (mobile telecom)

• Corporate mobile service management: technical consultancy, specification improvement, priority management, multi-project management, development, test, technical support. Major achievements:

o All solutions delivered within deadline and fulfilled their functional and technical specification.

o Sales targets met and difference made in matters of Clients retention and acquisition.

o Service standout as unique value proposition in market.

o Suppliers’ technical proposals evaluation supported good decision making.

o Several business recommendations taken into consideration including two innovative mobile services launched, including award on call-for-ideas for innovative service.

01/2001 – 01/2002 Junior Software Developer Lisbon

Portugalia (airline carrier)

• Intranet Software development to tackle documentation availability issues across the different departments.

• IT project management of a time clock system, meeting the flexibility of an airline carrier’s operation.

• Administration of Novell network, ensuring timely support to Users geographically dispersed.

09/2012 – 06/2013 Advanced German, Volkshochschule (Berlin)

10/2012 – 02/2013 Strategic Management, Humboldt Universität (Berlin)

01/2007 – 04/2008 MBA, EADA Business School (Barcelona – Note: 8,4/10)

• Awarded “Best Final Project“

• Best leadership skills development

09/2005 – 06/2006 Post-Graduation in Marketing Management, ISCTE (Note: 16/20)

• Final project led to a new product introduction

09/1995 – 12/2000 MSc Electrical & Computer Science, Instituto Superior Técnico of Lisbon University – officially recognized in Germany “Anerkennung” (Note: 14/20)

• Final Project: “Secure Interface to E-Mail”

09/1991 – 07/1995 High-School, Manuel Cargaleiro (Note: 18/20)

01/2014 – present Kizomba dance instructor Berlin

• Planed and instructed (in German) dance lessons for beginners and intermediate pupils.

08/2012 – 12/2013 Founder & CEO: TimeCapsule IT startup project Berlin

• Developed an original idea into a viable business plan

o situational analysis (competition, market, Clients, technology, trends, Porter sector model, PEST model).

o strategy (SWOT analysis, impact analysis, business opportunity validation, strategy, brand, objectives).

01/2010 – 01/2012 Co-Founder and President: Club Volei Plaja Barcelona Barcelona

• Founded and led for 2 years an informal beach volley club.

• Started and managed the online community – after the first year it was the largest online community in Spain.

• Gave free weekly beach volley classes for beginners.

• Took part on the competition team, winning one tournament.

09/1997 – 07/1999 Co-Founder/President: African Students Society at University Lisbon

• Founded and led for 2 years, including hosting general meetings

• Organized the first ever African Week featuring an African painting exhibition and €250 money-award for the top 3 African fresher Students

• Organized a donations initiative to send first-aid items to Mozambique

• Organized a donations initiative to send books to East Timor

09/1996 – 07/1998 Musician (contrabass): University musical group TUIST Lisbon

• Played regularly on weekends in restaurants for touristic groups

• The band won the most prestigious national University Music contests

09/1988 – 07/1996 2nd black belt Karate instructor of beginners: CCRAM Lisbon

• 1st black belt Karate at the age of 15 (one year before accepted standards)

• Regularly competed and won technical tournaments

• Gave classes for 10 years

Language Skills

• First language: Portuguese

• Fluent writing and reading of English. Fluent command of Spanish, alongside with good understanding of oral and written Catalan, after living 5 years in Barcelona. Conversational-level in German achieved with 1-year intensive language training and 2 years of language immersion.

Team Working & Organizational Skills

• My years at university musical group TUIST disclosed my natural ability for creative thinking in strategic long-term issues. Later, at the age of 25, I went on to be awarded at a call-for-ideas of Portugal Telecom for an innovative service proposal. At the age of 13, already Karate brown-belt, I started teaching beginners. For the next 10 years, I regularly taught Karate, improving my team leading and inspirational proficiencies. The very same capabilities supported me while founding and leading for 2 years an African Students Society at my university: I was responsible to generate goodwill among different stakeholders, finding agreements across a multicultural table. Already abroad I founded and led for 2 years an informal beach volley club that rose to stand out as the largest online social community in Spain. Today I am teaching Kizomba dance in Berlin.

• 2 days before finishing the MBA programme I was invited to present my leadership development case to an audience of both MBA students and lecturers. Ever since I have been reading and looking for professional and personal opportunities to develop my leadership, effective communication and team playing skills.

• Seasoned waterfall and scrum project manager: from managing simultaneously several project in mobile telco operator TMN (Lisbon) to corporate Clients to running an IT company abroad (Alojapro, Barcelona).

• Advanced management skills and know-how such as Blue Ocean Strategy, Business Model Canvas and Lean Startup have oriented my thinking in turning a 4-years-broken-IT company into winning 100+ B2B Clients during the first year there.

Computer & IT

• I developed throughout my 5 years at the university in several languages. Then I started my career as Java developer, having later progressed to project and product manager. Still I keep a good understanding of the following technologies: C, Java, SQL, HTML, CSS, JavaScript and XML, Novell network OS, Apache server, Tomcat server, GSM/UMTS mobile telecommunications networks, SIM card technologies.

• At my last position, as Managing Director of IT company Alojapro, I had also to deepen my understanding of online marketing to support the value we were bring to Customers: webdesign, usability, SEO, SEM, social media mkt.

• I have been using MS Office for years, being able to craft good PowerPoint presentations. I used several ERP applications such as SAP and J.D. Edwards, having also configured the CRM Salesforce.

Other Information

• Portuguese nationality.

Currently living in Berlin, but willing to reallocate.

• B driving licence.

• References available upon request.