Project Management, Operations Engineer

Serial No: 16056
Skills keywords: construction, desgin, engineer, project management, supervision
Current location:  Southern Governorate, Bahrain - View on map
Nationality: Bahraini
Spoken languages: Arabic, english

Qualifications & Education

April 2009
B.Sc. in Process Instrumentation and Control Engineering, University of Bahrain

July 2003
Secondary Certificate in Science, Isa Town Secondary School, Bahrain

Career Summary

Practicing Automation, Instrumentation, Operations, Maintenance and Project Engineering over 3.5 years and gaining experience in the Consultancy and Construction fields in Bahrain. I involved in Oil and Gas and Waste Water treatment field projects to provide first-in-class engineering and management services in order to improve the field to maintain high quality product.

I am involved in many projects from early discussion with Clients & multi-discipline and have project design responsibility from concept to completion, with attending effective meetings. I practiced engineering from the concept to Construction stages, attending meetings with construction engineers for discussions and to knowhow to be in clear sight what is going on and keeping myself up to date.

I worked collaboratively with Lead, Senior and Design engineers to provide engineering design, and communicated with project engineers and managers to manage project activities to achieve the requirements during the project life cycle, from initiating to closing. I have a good background about Modbus, Fieldbus and various communication protocols.Aug 2014 – Present

Aqua Technology Transfer, Bahrain
I&C, Operations Engineer – Design, Review, Supervise.

• Prepare Scope of Work.

• Lead the Operation Team.

• Prepare Monthly report of Plant Performance.

• Ensure Safety Working Environment.

• Review Proposals and Quotations.

• Review the complete site activities and completion in accordance with schedule requirements.

• Assume other responsibilities.

• Permit to Work Coordination.

• Develop technical proposals of Operations and Maintenance projects.

Aug 2010 – Jul 2013
Instrument & Control Engineer – Design, Review & Consult

Project: Tank Batteries (TB’s), Well Manifolds (WM’s) Modernization (Automation) and As-Building.

Phase1: This phase involves the installation of electronic and electro/pneumatic instrumentation connected to a new control system as a replacement to existing pneumatic controls at the 6 Tank Battery locations. There are 16 Well Manifolds, 6 of them are associated with 6 Tank Batteries and to be connected to the Tank Batteries PLC. The remaining 10 WM’s new PLC to be installed.

Duties & Responsibilities:

• Review the Scope of Work (SOW) to identify requirements.

• Review Layout Drawings for cable routings and instrument locations.

• Design cable block diagrams for all new installations.

• Review Instrument Loop Diagrams for new installations.

• Ensure that the drawings and documents are approved by the clients.

• Review Installation Detail Drawings for junction boxes and cable trenches.

• Site survey at construction stage to see the new installations and do some comments for any defects.

• As-Building to reflect what is in the site of instruments, Junction Boxes terminations, Marshaling terminations inside the control rooms, etc.

• Close the project and archive the working files.

Phase 2: Installation of new Water Cut Meter Instrument to be interfaced with the existing Net Oil Computer (DNOC) Cabinet located at site. The existing power supply 230VAC for the DNOC Flow Computer Cabinet at present shall be modified and convert to 24VDC Power Supply.

Project: Raw Water Injection.

This project is to modify the existing Tank Batteries via installing field infrastructure to enable water from existing Skim Tanks to be injected into Mauddud and other oil zones.

Duties & Responsibilities:

• Review the Scope of Work to understand what is needed.

• Review Piping & Instrument Diagrams (P&ID’s) related to this project.

• Provide Data Sheets for the instruments.

• Provide Technical Bid Evaluations.

• Provide Instrument index.

• Provide Input-Output list.

• Provide Instrument Loop Diagrams.

• Provide Termination Diagram.

• Provide Layout Drawings.

• Ensure that the client approved the documents before being issued for construction and make any necessary action if there are any comments.

• Ensure that the work is met the requirements.

• Bill of Materials.

Project: Installation of New Shipping Pumps.

In order to increase the oil production capacity in the Bahrain Awali field, one such project initiated by Tatweer Petroleum involves installing new Shipping Pumps for all the Tank Batteries.

Duties and Responsibilities:

• Review the Scope of Work.

• Provide Instrument Input-Output Schedules.

• Provide Instrument Data Sheets.

• Provide Instrument Indexes.

• Review and provide some instrument drawings and documents (P&ID’s, Layouts, Installation Details, Hookups, Loop Diagrams, etc.)

• Ensure that the work is met all requirements and standards.

• Ensure that the drawings are confirmed and approved by the clients.

• Close the project.

Project: Non-Associated Gas (NAG) Isolation.

Tatweer Petroleum Risk Assessment Team identified ten Gas Dehydration Units (GDU’s) as high risk units. The main control objective of shut down valves (SDV’s) facility is isolation of GDUs upon getting the H2S high alarm or any other emergency condition.

Duties & Responsibilities:

• Review the Scope of Work.

• Meet with engineers and specialists for engineering discussions.

• Study to provide a way forward in implementing isolation and depressurization at the high risk Gas Dehydration Units and their associated wellheads for the client.

• Provide Layouts to represent the locations of H2S detectors.

• Instrument survey during implementation of this project.

• Give some assumptions before initiating the study of the project.

• Provide data sheets for shut down valves (SDV’s) and related accessories.

• Close the project.

Project: Remote Well Manifolds (WM’s) Flare Systems.

Flare systems are there for all WM’s except 6 ones in which flare systems are needed to be installed. A new pipe line is needed to be installed and one control valve with Emergency Safety Valve (XZV) is needed to be installed for each WM.

Duties & Responsibilities:

• Attend meetings with client representatives for engineering discussions.

• Review the Scope of work.

• Design Layouts to represent all new instruments, cable routings and flare systems.

• Design Hook-UP drawings to show the function of all valves with related pressure controller & level switch.

• Provide Installation Details to represent cross sectional areas of cable trenches, Trays and junction boxes with details (e.g. sizing, types, etc.).

• Ensure that the design is met all requirements and standards.

• Close the project.

1st Jul 2008 – 31st Aug 2008 Bahrain Petroleum Company (BAPCO)
Power Plant & Utilities Unit.
Trainee Operator – Operate & Check


• Shift Work.

• Routine Inspection.

• Sampling. taken according to Head and Control Operator requests.

• Chemical Injection.

• Permits.

• Shutdowns.

• Start-up.

• Logging readings.

• Learn how the power plant works to provide electricity to BAPCO facilities.

• Give presentation to explain how power plant working.