Nigeria based Coating and Corrosion Engineer

Serial No: 16087
Skills keywords: coating inspections, corrosion engineer, ndt inspector, project management, quality inspector
Current location:  Rivers, Nigeria - View on map
Nationality: Nigerian
Spoken languages: english

Qualifications & Skills

Graduated in 2004 with a Bachelor of Engineering degree (B.Eng.) in Polymer Engineering from the Fed. Univ of Technology Owerri.

I have good experience in Corrosion control, Engineering project management, evaluation of risks and costs of high valued coating projects, pipelines corrosion management, and inspections in the Oil and Gas Industry, I play a major role in supports of my technical team from the start of a task, during the integral part of the task till the submission.

Having worked in the oil and gas EPC projects, Nigeria LNG,FPSO, I have been able in this period to achieve experience in corrosion mitigation and protection in EPC projects, corrosion monitoring on plant assets and civil assets, also involved in the project execution workshop of the Rejuvenation plan of Online-Fabric maintenance, short down (turn around) maintenance mostly on CUIs and highly corroded surfaces due to the coastal/marine environment as well as the best practicing system supporting the HSSE.

Career Summary

Oct, 2014 Till date
Cameron Valves and Measurements West Africa Ltd Quality Inspector/Engineer

Ensures the Quality in any inspection and quality related investigation.

Recognise and support Project delivery schedule dates in work programmes.

Recommend corrective actions for non-conformance and deviations to systems and procedures.

Verification of vendor and sub-contractor Quality Systems.

Ensuring adherence to Project Quality Plan, Product Quality Plans, Test Plans and Procurement Specifications across all Cameron and Sub-Vendor sites through surveillance and inspection activities.

Establish, implement, and participate in project quality system/process audits at sub-vendor sites.

Carry out inspections on subsea production systems including the valves.

Witness /monitor NDT operations (surface and volumetric), ensuring compliance in accordance with contract/specification requirements.

Witness welding on pressure containing fabrications, weld cladding of valves.

Ensures during testing of assembled valves that due procedures are followed and documentation are correct..

Drive implementation, control and maintenance of the Business Management Systems.

Assist in Control of audit programmes and provision of advice to Aftermarket engineers and operations Office senior management on Quality Management issues.

May, 2014 Oct, 2014
Nigeria LNG, Bonny Island (contracted by WOOD GROUP) Painting/Insulation Engineer (Fabric Maintenance)

During my experience in the Nigeria LNG, I am very much involve in carrying out investigation and analysis of failure modes, threats to failures, recommend remedies, monitoring and supervising the mitigation system of corrosions in the assets.

Since Corrosion under insulation (CUIs) are the major or higher percentage of failures that occur on the pipelines and facilities like heat exchangers, columns, vessels , etc the inspection of the critical job is also carried out.

Inspection of joint coating of some changed transmission lines from TTIS gas line, under water transmission line from soku (shell nig) with high temperature thermal spray.

Joint coating repair of FBE pipes and HSS coated pipes.

I coordinated the shut down for all coating JRs on Painting, Insulations and PFP during the Train 6 shut down and am still in the coordination of train 2 this September.

Also, other civil assets eg, jetty, fender, underwater piling, gratings, and concrete structure are also inspected and corrected under good practice. The inspection of application of HDPP/PE on pipes for loading of condescends and LPG products

Carrying out the surface preparations checks, post blasting quality controls check prior to paint/coating application is a mandatory.

The thickness check and other QA checks are also been carried out.

Insulation using the CINI procedures and specifications (+DEPs), are followed with strict adherence.

Passive fire proofing application is also carried out under my supervision.

Corrosion rate analysis and remedial recommendations on LNG facilities.

Inspection of the de-lagging of the insulations on pipes and replacing with insulation after CUIs has been corrected.

Determination of corrosion allowance on structures using UT method of NDT and calliper measuring.

Reporting and advice on the integrity of jobs been executed by minor groups and Participate in technical meetings as regards the Progress of work

Ensure that the tools and equipment are calibrated and in good conditions.

Supervise on site, direct at all level, the activities and execution of the maintenance department in the scaffolding, blasting, surface preparation, painting, coating, industrial HP cleaning areas with a view of ensuring reliable works of the facility equipment.

Issuance and follow up of Non-conformances and Corrective actions and Ensure that weather conditions suits the environments.

Collations of reports from various team leaders.

Mar, 2014 May, 2014
Kwame Nkrumah FPSO Corrosion Integrity Engineer

Conducting of coating integrity survey and failure analysis with respect to depiction thickness.

Recommendation of coating (paint system) for each area depending on the operating temperature.

Quality control and quality assurance inspector on the painting system.

Checking of all Coating Inspection parameters and ensure that the best practice is followed.

Daily reporting to the line head (Integrity Lead).

Jan 2013 May, 2014
Total E&P, Ofon 2 Dev. Project(contracted by Prezioso Nig Ltd) QA/QC Supervisor

Conduct tool box meeting and ensuring that JSA/JRA is discussed and understood.

Prepare the work of the team, JSA, according to method statement and PTW

Manages the crew workers onshore and coordinates offshores as well.

Ensure that tools and equipment are in good conditions, report and advice on integrity of job and equipment

Ensure that stock list is updated and request for materials on time

Ensure that safety is followed on site to achieve a Zero LTI

Supervises the Inspections before blasting and after basting as well as during Coating on site

Carry out specific duties related to job such as review of procedures, specifications and documentation to adopt to latest technology.

Supervises / inspection of the maintenances of CASE weld Joints for production in the field.

Supervision of installations of corrosion inhibitors in the offshore facility.

Inspects the Post-welding processes of structures in the yard as may affect coatings.

Witness as HOLDPOINTS of NDTs on welded structures and spools.

Supervises post-inspection of fabricated jobs before coating and mobilization offshores.

Documentation of activities and record keeping

Final inspections and report writing.

Sept, 2012 Dec, 2012
ABO FPSO, AGIP Nig Coating Supervisor/Inspector

Participation in the technical meeting as client rep, contributing positively to the issues

Ensure that the work is performed according to the contract (specification).

Conduct the quality check prior to painting i.e Humidity check, profile check, surface cleanliness, salt contamination test, etc.

I ensure that the mixing of the paints are done as prescribed as best practice.

Post painting checks like, DFT, holiday and adhesion (pull test) when necessary.

Ensure that other fabric maintenance processes like re-instating of insulation and spools are done with best practices.

Monitoring of stocks of Paints, Rockwool and other fabric maintenance materials, etc and report on time request for more.

Review Contractor’s progress reports (before meeting) and reports for all the activities related to the Corrosion/coating activities of the FPSO, highlighting critical problems, discrepancies and dysfunctions if any,

Liaise with Hull manager, Corrosion and Coating Engineer, Company inspection or third party (if relevant) to ensure compliance with Specifications, rules and regulations,

Report to the Corrosion and Coating Engineer on regular basis (daily, weekly, monthly) and highlighting critical problems, discrepancies and dysfunctions if any,

Inspection and supervision of syntactic insulations.

Reporting and recommending where necessary, on the equipment been used

Discussing the hazards of materials especially the chemicals been used for PFP, and HP water cleaning

Ensure that procedures/specification are followed

Follow up the surface preparations with blasting, HP water cleaning, PFP application, painting and coating

Ensure that quality is maintained during the execution of the job and are in line with the company specification.

Prepare daily reports, weekly progress report, budget follow-up and management

Inspect the installation of anodes on coated pipes, electro-continuity of anodes to bare metals and electro-isolation of anodes to metal mesh.

Verification, monitoring and close out of punch lists established..

July 2012 Sept 2012
Total E&P, OML 58 Upgrade, Fire water tank (contractor to Ponticelli Nig ltd) Coating/Fabric maintenance Supervisor

Prepare the work of the crew on site, PTW, JSA and confine space entry

Pre-qualification of systems to be used for project.(both pre-fabrication and post-fabrications)

Participate in the technical meeting with our client and company and contributing positively to the issues

Ensure that personnel are qualified, trained and certified

Ensure that tools are in very good condition to avoid accident or time constrain

Reporting and recommending where necessary, on the equipment been used

Discussing the hazards of the jobs as related to confine space

Ensure that procedures/specification are followed

Follow up the surface preparations with blasting, painting and coating.

Ensure that quality is maintained during the execution of the job and are in line with the company specification.

Carrying out all the inspections checks like Profile check, salt conductivity, dust test, blotter test, DFT etc on daily basis

Prepare daily reports, weekly progress report, RFIs etc

Participate in the NDT inspections like; MPI, Vacuum Box, Hydro test ,Dye penetrate, RFI and UT

Feb, 2012 June, 2012
Total E&P (Painting Campaign OML 100/102) Project Inspector

Supervise on site direct and coordinate the activities execution of contractors in areas of scaffolding, blasting, surface preparations, painting, coating etc

Ensure that tools and equipment mobilized on board are certified and in good condition for use and regular inspections

Lead the tool box, Prepare the risk assessment discuss and take responsibility of ensuring adherence.

Ensure that procedures are being followed judiciously and not flaunted

Ensure that inspection is carried out before and after surface preparation before painting.

Ensure that the thicknesses DFT are in line with requirements.

Prepare daily, weekly progress report and monthly report and forward to Head Maintenance & Inspection.

Nov 2011 Feb 2012
Prezioso/IPES Nig Ltd (for Akpo Deep Water project- OML 130) QA/QC Inspector

Participate in the general tool box meeting and JRA/JSA

Follow up on every stages of job execution like blasting, painting, scaffolding

Inspect and monitor the job execution during and after each stage

Promote and control the implementation of HSE policy and regulations in the area of activities

Ensure tools and equipment use are certified and in good condition for use by regular inspections

Monitor all the sand blasting and blasted surfaces of the tank to ensure that they are in line with specification.

Ensure that the climate/weather conditions suits the environment job is to be carried out.

Carrying out of line inspections before and after sand blasting of surfaces (Tank) and structures.

Ensure that procedures are been followed in installing the anodes.

Prepare and document the daily, weekly and monthly progress report which is been forwarded to the Operations Head.

Prepare the IN-process report of job been done on site with pictographs.

Dec 2010 July 2011
Chevron (Olero Creek Fresh Water Concrete Tank) Painting Inspector

Carrying out surveillance check on every cleaning/surface preparation activities in and around the underground tank.

Ensure the surface prepared is in line with the client’s specification and method statement.

Ensure that the weather parameters are in accordance with the specifications

Follow up in regular inspection and certification of equipment and man-labour

Report and advice on changes to fall-out processes

Ensure the safety of my crew workers on board

Participate with the general construction in the plant area in use of the concrete tank.

Inspects films after radiography and participates in other NDT processes.

Inspects the coating of the lines (pipes) and installations around the tank.

Promoting full compliance of HSE procedures for painting processes.

Documentation of all reports as regards the QA of the jobs (daily, weekly).

From To Company Job Title

Feb 2006 June 2009 Daewoo Contracting (Gbaran Shell Gas plant). QA/QC Inspector Trainee

Witnessing of piping, welding, coating and NDT activities on pipe and support in accordance with site quality control plan

Ensuring that all site Quality records are progressively collated, accurate and traceable during audit.

Ensure that non-conformance are reported and follow up on the corrective actions and close-outs.

Ensure proper handling, storage and calibration of coating instruments.

Supervision of blasting and painting activities carried out on pipes and structural components.

Participate in the reinstatement of valves, flanges, strainers and pipe support after hydro/Pneumatic testing.

Carrying out P&ID conformity checks to ensure that all piping and instrument component installed are as per drawing.

Inspection of Holiday detection on line pipes to ensure that there is zero coating discontinuity.

Preparation of daily reports and weekly reports

Feb 2004 Sept 2005
National Metallurgical Dev. Centre Research/Corrosion Engr

Monitor surface preparation of pipes and other metallurgical surfaces

Heat treatment and furnacing

Product advice

Other Certification & Training:

NACE CIP 1, 2, 3 No. 34430. (valid till June, 2017)

ASNT Level 2: (RFI,UT,DP,MPI,VI) valid till 2017

Safety Training

Nigeria LNG Safety Course, 2014

BOSIET, Opito Approved. Valid till 2017

Firefighting Training by SPD TOTAL OML 58, Nigeria Feb. 2012

Working on height Training SPD TOTAL OML 58, Nigeria Feb. 2012

Confined Space Training SPD TOTAL OML 58, Nigeria Feb. 2012

Electrical Risk Awareness Training Course, Nigeria. 2010.

Subsea Pipeline Tracking Course (TSS 440), Tilone Base Nigeria. 2007

NNPC Fire Safety and Environment Training, Port Harcourt. 2003