Life skills coach seeking work in Saudi Arabia


I left China in January of 2022 for my holiday back in South Africa , arrived on the Monday and by the Wednesday the airspace was closed due to COVID. I lost my contract with the school. I was devastated. I then stayed in South Africa and being involved with our local high school, I realized again the enormous need for education in South Africa. I started the learning center and the Academy NPO 266-101. The affirmative action laws in South Africa make our work very difficult, and yet the need for education and personal development is immense. I am now in the Western Cape at the therapy center as a life coach under the banner of the Molteno Learning Center, but I want to leave South Africa. I loved working in China, my skills, knowledge and commitment was appreciated.

Serial No: 187580
Skills keywords: academic management, business development, customer services, hospitality sector, personal development

List Of Qualifications & Related Skills:

Master Degree Psych
Life Skills coach
Hospitality Industry.
Service industry.
Qualified TEFL teacher
Qualified Business TEFL.
Personal development
Leisure and related service industry

Previous Employment Details:

West Coast Therapy Center as Life coach 2023-2024
Guest House owner and manager 2009 - 20012.
TEFL teacher China 2018-2020.
Molteno Learning Center, Stormberg Academy NPO 266-101. Owner 2021-2024
China and South Korea English as foreign language teacher

Interests & Hobbies:

Community development and education. Volunteer work.
Servicing clients through life skills and personal development program.
Current world events interest me.
I want to development the Stormberg Academy NPO 266-101 in South Africa, but due to a lack of funding I am prepared to go back working in another country to build the Academy.

Current location:  Western Cape, South Africa - View on map
Nationality: South African
Spoken languages: Afrikaans, english