Internationally Experienced Geophysicist

Serial No: 10865
Skills keywords: geophysicist
Current location:  Muscat Governorate, Oman - View on map
Nationality: Pakistani
Spoken languages: english, Urdu

Career Summary


Field Acquisition Supervisor

• Fulfilling a diverse range of responsibilities including supervising 2D seismic surveys using vibroseis as an energy source, coordinating crew start-up and producing appropriate parameter designs

• Setting field parameters and acquisition tolerances, processing routines and leading the ZPEB crew in the use of Sercel 428 with VE432 vibroseis electronics alongside the DSD Network and Hypack guidance system

• Diligently monitoring 2D QC processing seismic work to ensure compliance with client specifications, technical requirements and standards

• Conducting QC seismic data acquisition, recorder daily tests, field tests, S/N ratio, auxiliary checks and vibs data verification in accordance with established procedures

• Continually checking processing, surveying data, monitoring all seismic activity in the field and verifying data by night

• Evaluating field seismic data QC / data processing, confirming source and receiver positioning and performing QC of shot records / field stacks to ensure data quality and compliance with contracted specifications

• Managing QC of headers and geometry-merged SEGY shot gathers on storage media, verifying media and QC seismic data interim / final deliverables

• Gaining valuable experience in the use of telemetry cable, quad, perpendicular dynamite shot-lines, single / double zig zag, slip sweep, log sweep and vibroseis inline or perpendicular / patterned shot arrays


• Low S/N • Widespread random noise • Low energy

• First break inconsistency • Ground roll noise • Air wave noise

• Lack of near trace refraction • Shallow reflectors discontinuity • Fault cut determination

2012 – 2013 DEFT (IOM) LTD., Angola

Geoscientist, Data Migration Project

• Migrating data from a GEOFRAME to an OpenWorks environment, including converting seismic and interpretation data from GEOFRAME to OpenWorks

• Collaborating with colleagues to export and import seismic / interpretation data from GEOFRAME into OpenWorks

• Creating / executing batch job scripts to define grids and load seismic / interpretation data for both horizons and faults, into the OpenWorks environment

• Generating well ties and detailing synthetics seismograms, including wavelet analysis and fluid substitution studies to develop a comprehensive understanding of the seismic responses

• Identifying the need for, and proposing the acquisition, designing 2D / 3D prospects, selecting appropriate parameters and re-processing 2D / 3D seismic data

• Working as part of a team to prepare tenders and perform bid evaluation in accordance with established procedures, requirements and agreed deadlines

• Designing 4 blocks for 3D seismic data acquisition (900, also, conducting rock physics studies including seismic attribute studies, seismic modeling, inversions and AVO

• Building 2D and 3D velocity models, generating 3D property volumes for inclusion in static reservoir models and designing / implementing VSP surveys as appropriate

• Co-ordinating databases (including GIS and Geoframe), additionally, preparing written / verbal reports detailing technical studies and presenting information to management, partners, shareholders and Government Officials


• Old seismic data (1970 & 1980) • Poor data quality • Pre-salt seismic challenges


Geophysical Consultant

2010 – 2011 ARABIAN GEOPHYSICAL SERVICES, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Geoscientist, QC Acquisition and Processing

2009 – 2010 TRAFALGAR EXPLORATION, Ethiopia

Geophysical Consultant

2007 – 2009 GLOBAL GEOPHYSICAL SERVICES INC., Kurdistan, Iraq

Chief QC Geophysicist / Team Leader

2006 – 2007 GULF GEOPHYSICS FZCO, Kurdistan Iraq

Chief QC/ Processing Supervisor, 3D / 2D

2004 – 2006 BGP INTERNATIONAL, Pakistan

Geoscientist, Daily Quality Control

Processing Experience

 11 years’ experience in Application Support, Seismic Data Processing and Seismic Data Acquisition using Landmark and OpendTect suite of applications

 Trained and experienced in Loading, QC, Backup/Restore, Import/Export of PreStack/PostStack Seismic Data, Horizon/faults, Well Data, Velocity Analysis, Seismic Attribute Analysis, Synthetic Seismogram, Time-Depth Conversion, Velocity Modeling, Mapping, Modeling, 3D visualization, Geological and Geophysical Data loading

 Experienced and trained in Landmark Graphics Suite of G&G Applications for Seismic data interpretation including OpenWorks, SeisWorks/PowerView, StratWorks Post Stack PAL, ZMAP+, DepthTeam Express, TDQ, GeoProbe and SynTool

 Hands on experience in using OpendTect modules i.e. Data Import/ Export, Cube Handling, QC, Seismic Well Tie, Attribute Cubes, Horizon/Fault Interpretation, Domain Conversions, Advanced Interpretation and Scaled Plots

 Trained on Geological and Geophysical interpretation software including: OpenWorks, SeisWorks, StratWorks, ZmapPlus ,GeoGraphix and Syntool

 Interactive Seismic Data Processing using Landmark’s ProMAX and SeisSpace 2D/3D Software

 Professionally trained in dGB Suite OpendTect

 Professionally trained in Tsunami Imaging Suite for Time/Depth Migration

 Refraction Static Modeling using Hampson & Russell’s GLI-3D Software

 Plotting using SDI Montage Software

 Trained in Mesa for Planning and modeling

 Training of Solaris System Administration

 Professionally trained in UNIX/Red Hat Linux


Country Client Type Contractor Date Terrain

Sudan GSPOC Field Acquisition Supervisor (FAS) ZPEB Current Desert/Rocky

Angola Somoil Geophysical Consultant Deft Limited June-2012-June2013 Onshore/offshore

Iran NISOC Geophysical Consultant/Project Supervisor- Ahwaz3D Dana Geophysics 2011-2012 Plain/Desert

Iran NISOC Geophysical Consultant/Project Supervisor-Ramin3D/LALI 3D OECO 2011-2012 Plain/Desert

Saudi Arabia Saudi Aramco QC Geophysicist Arabian Geophysical Services 2010-2011 Offshore

Ethiopia Petronas carigali Geophysical Supervisor/ QC Geophysicist, Acquisition QC and field processing, IMC Geophysical 2009-2010 Plain

Kurdistan Iraq OMV Chief QC and Seismic Acquisition Supervisor, Up hole observer , Global Geophysical Services inc.


Complex Mountains

Kurdistan Iraq Western zagros Chief QC Geophysicist, Acquisition QC and Onsite processing, Global Geophysical Services inc



Kurdistan Iraq Western zagros QC Supervisor, 2D Seismic Acquisition Global Geophysical Services inc

2007 Rough relief hot dry Weather.

Kurdistan Iraq DNO Norway Chief QC Geophysicist,

3D seismic acquisition, Processing supervisor Gulf Geophysics FZCO Intl

2007 Plain

Kurdistan Iraq

DNO Norway QC Geophysicist, 3D seismic acquisition, Processing supervisor Gulf Geophysics FZCO Intl

2006-2007 Plain and Mountain

Pakistan ENI QC Geophysicist Acquisition on 2D BGP 2006 Rocky Mountains

Pakistan Mari Gas QC Geophysicist, Acquisition on 2D BGP 2006 Plain , Desert

Pakistan MOL/Tullow QC Geophysicist, Acquisition on 3D BGP 2005 Plain

Pakistan Petronas Carigali QC Geophysicist, Acquisition on 3D BGP 2004 Desert

Education & Qualifications

MSc: Geophysics

Quaid-e-Azam University, Islamabad, 2002

Technical Courses

1 BGP Survey Design and Geometry, SPECS, Pak(2004)

2 BGP Promax seismic processing software, Pak (2004)

3 GGFZCO Seismic processing theory and practice, Pak (2005):

4 OGDCL Training in Prospect Generation at Interpretation Department

5 GGFZCO Quality/Risk Reporting (QUEST™) (2004)

6 GGFZCO IT Security (2004)

7 GGFZCO GGFZCO Personnel Management Course (2006)

8 GGFZCO Risk/Hazard Reporting (2006)

9 GGFZCO Personal Protective Equipment, Stepping Handling & Lifting (2006)

10 GGFZCO Emergency Response, Fire, First Aid, Health and Hygiene (2004)

11 GGFZCO Drugs & Alcohol, Electrical, Environment (2006)

12 GGFZCO Survival, First Aid and Fire Fighting, Pakistan (2007)


14 SMTC/OPITO Basic Fire Fighting Course


Technical Experience

Type of System Name of System

Recorders ARAM, I/O system II, Sercel, 388, 408 ,428 CMXL V.6,.

Energy Sources Vibroseis, explosive surface and shotholes & weight drop

Refraction SIE, OYO McSeis 1600, Geometrics

Source Control DGPS source positioning, Pelton Advance 1 and 2, Sercel VE 416 and 432, 464

Testing Equipment Familiar with most recent field testing equipment

Navigation SWING-GPS, DGPS Trimble, and Garmin GPS,. Leica 1200 GPS

Geophone/Cable All land telemetry cables, geophones, marsh and hydrophone.

Processing ProMAX, vista, GeoCluster, Greysis

Designing Mesa, OMNI , Geoland

Interpretation Petrel, Paradigm VoxelGeo –SeisEarth, Explorer EM ( CP )

Key I.T. Skills

• UNIX • Linux • Vista

• PC clusters • Work stations • Geoland

• Microsoft Office Suite • Internet • Geo Cluster

• Petrel • Paradigm • Omni

• VoxelGeo – SeisEarth • Explorer EM (CP) • Seiswin QC

• ArcGIS • Promax • ITA

• Seismic Source • 428 Viewer • SMT

• GMG Mesa • Testif-i • Auto Cad

• Vibro-seis • Seis View • SeisImager

• SPW • Greysis • SPSCheck

• Geo East Window 2000 Pro • Ultra edit • Surfer

• Visual Basic • SQL Server • Email