Factory Manager and Electrical Engineer


I am an organized person, result oriented with an excellent ability to learn quickly and to work under optimally under pressure. I am flexible in working with team, can adapt to changes, with excellent customer service skill, can pay attention to details and very open to communication. I have a strong decision making, critical thinking, analytical, and problem solving skill. So if you hire me, I would ensure to increase revenue, improve on your capital share, maximize productivity and make the company best interest my greatest priority. Assist team to deliver task within schedule, ensure safety rules and regulations are being obeyed, work according to specification, can develop strategies to determine material and labour cost, monitor crew performance and track project using software tools.

Serial No: 187311
Skills keywords: engineering management, health and safety, industrial electrical, information technology skills, solar energy expert

List Of Qualifications & Related Skills:

(1) Masters in Systems Engineering, University Of Lagos, Akoka, Lagos State, Nigeria. Skills related are management, instrumentations and control, safety, maintenance and operations, renewable engineer and Software Engineer, project management and Information Technology.
(2) Bachelor of Technology in Electrical & Electronic Engineering, University of Benin, Benin City, Edo State, Nigeria. Skills related are Maintenance, installations and designs of electrical devices and electromechanical equipment for lower and higher voltages in a commercial and Industrial environment.
(3) Alx Software Engineering Certification, Skills related are programming and coding for Python, Javascript, Backend and front end developers, C languages, Networking Administrator, Github, Database management, SQL, html, css, Repositories.

Previous Employment Details:

Factory Manager, FAE LTD, LAGOS STATE, NIGERIA. JULY 2023 TO DECEMBER 2023. Duties are to ensure the plants are working smootly, monitor performance, attend meeting for efficiency, productivity and meeting targets.
SITE ENGINEER, POWER TECHNIQUE INTEGRATED ENGINEERING SERVICES, LAGOS STATE, NIGERIA. JANUARY 2023 TO JUNE, 2023.Duties are to monitor crew performance, motivate, lead and to ensure task allign to regulations and standards of the drawings
Technical Executive, PLADIS GLOBAL ( A&P FOODS LTD ) LTD, NIGERIA. MAY 2015 TO DECEMBER 2022. Duties are to ensure zero downtime on the plants line, ensure safety peep talks/rules are being followed on daily basis and quality products to customers satisfaction are followed. Maintenance practices of CLIT ( CLEANING, LUBRICATION, INSPECTION AND TIGHTENING ) are carried out routinely.

Interests & Hobbies:

Reading, writing, traveling, swimming, singing, trouble shooting, brainstorming, public speaking, training, watching movies, dancing, laughing, team work, research, collaborating, thinking, riding, driving, investigating, inspecting, monitoring, leading, adventure, team work, solving problems, inventing, creativity, designing, tasking, building, growth mindset, coding, calculating, cleaning, lifting, walking, running, exercising and planting.

Current location:  Lagos, Nigeria - View on map
Nationality: Nigerian
Spoken languages: english