Ex British Forces Welding Instructor

Serial No: 11551
Skills keywords: instructor, management, technician, welder
Current location:  Saudi Arabia - View on map
Nationality: British
Spoken languages: english

Training Qualifications: 2001-2010

• Military Engineering ADVANCED class 1 2006.

• Military Engineering Combat Power tools ADVANCED course.

• NVQ Level 2 Welding.

• NVQ Level 2 Fabrication.

• Joint Engineering materials through thermal joining operations welding.

• Context of Welding by MIG process.

• Context of Welding by MMA up to 4G.

• Context of Welding by GAS process.

• Shape Engineering products by material removal using hand tools-prep.

• Prepare resources for routine Engineering Activities.

• Environmental assessment of Engineering.

• Constitute to the effectiveness of work activities assessed in the context of Fabrication thick plate welding.

• Chainsaw maintenance cross cutting and felling of small trees up to 380 mm 2007.

• Lifeguard Level 2 Supervisor 2010.

Educational Qualifications: 1992- 2000

• GCSE Science Double award Grade C

• GCSE Art Grade C

• GCSE Business Studies Grade C

• City and Guilds Level 2 Communication skills 2002

• GCSE Math’s Grade D

• GCSE English Grade D

Mandatory Personal Management Training:

• CLC Health and Safety 87%

• CLC Dangerous substances 95%

• CLC Electricity Test 84%

• CLC DSE 91%

• CLC Fire Test 100%

• CLC Manual Handling 96%

• CLC First Aid 96%

Career History:

Welding Instructor: Jan 2014 – Present, Saudi Arabia.

The students are employed by a consortium of 8 companies who have been commissioned to build one of the worlds largest oil refineries in Jizan Saudi Arabia.

I am involved with the preparation and delivery of Further Education Engineering Welding practical and theory courses, ensuring that the graduating students have the necessary skills to support them in their future careers at the oil refinery. I work to meet the needs of a range of learners including high school leavers and mature learners. My role works collaboratively within the team to raise the standards of learning to achieve excellence within the faculty.

My core responsibilities include the following:

• Teaching classes and assessing students’ progress and performance both practical and theory.

• Planning and preparing lessons, grading papers and preparing report cards.

• Providing constructive feedback and guidance to students.

• Maintaining order and discipline in the classroom and on the shop floor.

• Communicating with teachers and other professionals, both formally and informally.

I first joined the Armed Forces as a Royal Electrical Mechanical Engineer. I completed the Military training then transferred to the Royal Engineers in 2001 as I wanted to become a welder.

The following are some of the projects that punctuated my career whilst serving in the Royal Engineers as a welding supervisor.

2001 – Oct 2013. Royal Engineers

Skills learned in the military – Team work, engineering, first aid, weapon safety and maintenance training, organisation and drill. Weapons training taught me the discipline required in order to safely use and maintain a critical piece of equipment and the responsibility allied to the process. In addition I was taught the key requirement of team work, punctuality, organisation, self-confidence, the ability to follow orders and presentability.

Oman 2010;

The supervision of 16 personnel. My role was as manager in controlling/Coordinated field activities and expectations to meet the construction schedule for the production of the accommodation infrastructure for exercising and operations in the field including defensive structures.

Ashford 2011;

Then supervision of an 8 man team constructing an enclosure for anti terrorist defences. This included working with metal and wood. It was an exciting challenge allowing me to broaden my engineering experience and enhance my man management skills.

Kenya 2012;

I was in command of 8 personnel on a day to day basis, planning management and taking the lead in the construction of a LAD Building, manufactured by Reid steel. This was a challenging experience, but an enjoyable one. I had to adapt and overcome the problems necessary for the completion of the project, adhering to Health and Safety Regulations at all times. Being in command of the workforce I focused on working as a team; subsequently we were successful in completing the £400,000 LAD Building within budget and to due date.

I have also completed two tours of Afghanistan and one tour of Northern Ireland.