Electrical Engineer with 18 years’ experience

Serial No: 11454
Skills keywords: busbar, circuit breakers, connection and testing, isolators, resistance of isolation, switchgear, termination
Current location:  Serbia - View on map
Nationality: Serbian
Spoken languages: Albanian, english

1999 – date
Engineer for Protection & Control Power System (110, 35, 10kV network)
• Effectively prioritizing workload and managing time to fulfil multiple responsibilities simultaneously including protection, maintenance and control of the network and substation 110/35kV, 35/10kV
• Preparing electrical substation 110/10 kV and substation 35/10 kV, including thermal dimension wiring, busbar, isolators, circuit breakers, switchgear, CT, VT and calculation of short current between faze-faze or ground
• Efficiently executing a diverse range of electrical jobs in the same substations including cables spread, termination, connection and testing
• Testing power transformers, CT (Current Transformer) and VT (Voltage Transformer) in addition to CT Omicron and protocol preparation for the same substations
• Utilizing OMICRON CMC 356 to test power switchgear isolation, resistance of isolation, contacts resistance and the time of close-open
• Configuring, parameterizing and testing protection relay, such as Schneider, ABB, Siemens and Alstom, also, preparing protocol in accordance with IEC standards using the OMICRON CMC 356 instrument
• Diligently monitoring and maintaining the electrical system across different manufactures, including textile manufacture and the cooling-heating system
• Working effectively as part of a team on various projects including 4 mall center projects (35, 000 m²), complex of objects (electrical line 0.4kV / 10Kv) and lighting in roads, schools and hospitals using DIALUX / RELUX

1996 – 1999

Professor of Electro Technical Measurement / Electro Techniques / Electrical Installation

Projects & External Collaborations:
Rehabilitation of an Electrical Sub-station in the Gjilani area, 2002 – 2003
Investor: Government of Switzerland
Project scope: 11o / 10 kV new substation, medium voltage 35 / 10 kV substation, Gjilani
Contact 1: Jean Valterio (Dip.el.ing)
Contact details: jean.vaterio@gvlcs.com ; +41 (0) 27 327 25 00 (direct) or +41 (0) 79 217 59 03
Contact 2: Eric Fostier (Dip.el.ing)
Contact details: +41 (0) 27 327 25 00 (direct) or +41 (0) 27 327 25 30 (sion)
Contact 3: Ymer Balla (Dip.el.ing)
Contact details: yballa@albmail.com (Albania)
External collaborators with BA Engineering in Prishtina
Designing and assembling alarm systems, fire protection and video surveillance (CCTV)
Contact: Ibrahim Nici
Contact details: ba_engineering@yahoo.com ; +386 49 132 000 or +377 44 132 000
External collaborators with NAS system in Gjilani
Designing and assembling alarm systems, fire protection and video surveillance (CCTV)
Contact: Valon Salihu (General Manager)
Contact details: info@nas-systems.com ; +381 280 330 111 or +377 44 132 850 or +386 49 132 850
FAT (Factory Tests), Dresden, Germany, 2012

BSc: Technical Electro Engineering
Department of Electro Energetic System, University of Prishtina, 1996
HSD: High School Diploma, majoring in Electrotechnics
Kuvendi Lezhes Technical School, 1988

Albanian (mother tongue) and English