Currently Corporate Security Manager at Diageo


When I first joined Diageo there were no proper hand over as the person responsible for the security had already left. So I can say I take it from scratch not even knowing what the company wants from my experience in military and police I had rise the level of security and make it meet all the Diageo compliant standard, which my Managing Director is very happy and satisfied about that.
Since I’m a person that easily to adapt and learn also able to face any challenges I know I will bring a lot of things in your company and also I will make a big impact

Serial No: 177145
Skills keywords: good problem solving, interpersonal skills, maritime security, security manager, transaltion and interpreting

List Of Qualifications & Related Skills:

Maritime Analyst - Good at analysts things
Navigator - Navigation skills
Maritime skills
Security Manager - everything that will do with security :- IT, Perimeter, Physical, Building Personal security and Brand and Assets protection.
Adapt well with situations
Work under pressure
Investigation skills
Highly motivated
Hardworking nature
Can-do attitude
Executive Leader training skills

Previous Employment Details:

Diageo Seychelles as a Corporate Security Manager from July 2021 to current
Police - As an Anti-Narcotics Bureau Officer from October 2014 - May 2021 do police work but specialist to deal in illegal drugs activities. Also was a Maritime Analyst do surveillance, gather intelligence to do big seizures of illegal drugs
Military Personnel as a Navigator from January 2006 to January 2014 on board the biggest Patrol ship in the coast guard fleet

Interests & Hobbies:

Keeping fit
Enjoy time with family and friends
Going on the beach
Always looking for different information on internet
Easy learning
Listen to others and share different ideas of what we plan and do

Current location:  La Riviere Anglaise, Seychelles - View on map
Nationality: Seychellois
Spoken languages: Creole, english, french, italian