Chiropractor and sports therapist


A dedicated chiropractor and sports therapist passionate about optimising health and performance. With a strong foundation in both chiropractic and sports therapist, I offer a comprehensive approach to patient well-being. My expertise lies in crafting personalised treatment plans that blends chiropractic principles with sports therapy techniques, addressing both immediate concerns and long-term performance goals. Committed to continuous learning,

Serial No: 183005
Skills keywords: chiropractor, massage therapist, rehabilitation, sports injury specialist

List Of Qualifications & Related Skills:

Chiropractic - intro and extra-spinal adjustments.
Sports therapy - mobilisations
Sports rehabilitation - plans for different stages of recovery.
Sports massaging - deep tissue massage, Grayson technique
Sports Taping & KT taping

Previous Employment Details:

Private chiropractic - once a week I have created my own clients where I see them and provide them with chiropractic care.
Catering - I worked in catering for 5 months to raise some extra funds for my wedding.
Delivery courier - during my education I worked on the weekends to get some extra cash to pay for education and accommodation.

Interests & Hobbies:

Sports - I am a sports addict. Even though I enjoy participating in individual sports and team sports. I love playing football, volleyball, and gym.
Community services - Also, community is another big part of my lifestyle. I consider paying back to community as an obligation. In our small community in Oxford I participate in variety of charity work, funerals, fundraising for different events and charities.

Current location:  United Kingdom - View on map
Nationality: Afghan British
Spoken languages: english