Automotive Technician, diagnostics experience


I have experience in using diagnostic tools like: Delphi, Autel, Launch, VCDS, MB Star, etc. I've also used FLEX as ECU programming tool. I also have big experienced in other systems like: brakes, steering, suspension, transmission and the servicing of these systems like: engine oil and filters change, automatic gearbox oil and filter change, brakes servicing, timing belt change, clutch replacement etc.

Serial No: 177561
Skills keywords: vehicle diagnostics, vehicle repair, vehicle servicing technician, vehicle technician

List Of Qualifications & Related Skills:

I've completed the public Professional School "Beqir Cela" from year 2016 to 2020 in Vehicle Repair direction. I've completed this school with the best results and was choosen "the best student" in my 4th year. In this school i've started learning the elementary knowledge about motor vehicles and with the years passing also learned the best techniques of diagnosing repairing and servicing the vehicles. Studies in this school was coordinated with practice (one week theroy/one week practice)
After finishing the middle school (further education), I went to "Aleksander Moisiu" university. In this university I studied for "Automotive Technology", from year 2020 to 2022. Also finished with the best results and still being the best in my class. This branch of study helped with more in depth studying of vehicles systems also coordinated with laboratory work.

Previous Employment Details:

Since 7 years old I've started helping my dad fixing cars (he is a mechanic). And since then I've never stopped working (not a single day), fixing cars. At the beginning I've mostly done mechanical jobs, but with the years passing, experience expanding, reputation building I've created my own clientele by mostly doing electronic diagnostics, repairing, programming, and also not forgetting the old mechanical and motor repairs.

Interests & Hobbies:

My interests consist in learning new things, new technologies and applying them in real life. I like to invent new things which consist in electro-mechanical field.

Current location:  Elbasan County, Albania - View on map
Nationality: Albanian
Spoken languages: Albanian, english