Algerian Instrument Engineer Oil and Gas

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Current location:  Wilaya d\'Adrar, Algeria - View on map
Nationality: Algerian
Spoken languages: Arabic, english, french, TAmazight


1 ) Period: Actually From November 2012 right now working with

Customer: Ergonos Consulting S.A. (Switzeland)

Site: Mellitah oil and gas (Power plant) (Lybia)

Actually I am working with Bonatti client in Lybia Millitah complex for maintenance

First Position: Instrument and Control systems supervisor.

Second Position: Power plant Team leader

Duties: 3 Gas turbines generators frame 5 and 3 steam turbines generators with steam boilers area and west heat steam recovery units and 3 Diesel generators, where I am in charge to maintain the power plant in safe condition and in service to avoid blackout.

Track work order in Maximo and prepare Permit to work and related certificates for critical jobs.

Back to back with team leader where I have to plan and schedule Preventive maintenance and corrective to prepare work order and permit to work and related procedure and documents. Attend daily meeting and prepare daily report and time sheet, contact and liaise with other disciplines and coordinate the planed job.

Prepare material request and prepare all spare parts for major overhall inspection for gas turbine and Steam turbines.

Prepare and submit material request for spare part in Maximo system. Follow and supervising daily job.

2)Period from Marsh 2011 to February 2012

Working with CSI Sarl Rotationg Maching (Italy)

Position: Turbine control system Mark V Specialist

Duties: Assist client to troubleshooting and solve problems and start turbine .

Inspection periodic for turbine as CI Camber inspection AGPI, MI inspection.

First contract with ANADARKO groupment in HBNS field (Algeria )

-Assist maintenance team for CI chamber inspection and clear alarms on system as temperature element replacement on bearing N1 and attend oil leak from second temperature element on bearing for both turbo generator Thomassen frame 5001 Mark V system.

– Turbo compressor Frame 5002C Re-installed a new cable for fire detection system for both compartments on turbine and put in service.

-Wrong feedback indication on HMI for SRV and GCV adjusting LVDTs and stroke check for valves.

-Adjusting limit switches for bleed valve and stroke check for both valves.

Second contract with Sonarco groupment in Roud El baguel (Algeria)

Assist and solve problem of HMI View indication loose for turbo generator Nuovo pignone PGT 10 Mark V simplex system found LCC card on <R> control module not communicating with <C> module it stays on A5 step replaced by a new one and downloaded program and started turbine.

3 ) Period: From April 2008 until August 2011

Customer: Qatargas

Site: Ras laffan ESU department (Qatar)

Position: Senior Instrument Technician

Duties: Working as supervisor with Qatargas ( PMT) Project Management Team during project involving in loop check, function check, commissioning and start up plant than maintenance in storage and loading arms (berthing) signed off loop check sheet and function check for equipments as BOG motor compressors, LNG loading pumps, MOV Retork, ESD valves, loading arms and FMC system and hydraulic system for berthing. Velocity approach system and marine matech system PLC for hooks release.

Equipment: several equipments as train process equipments, LNG loading pumps,

expanders, BOG compressors, LNG tanks and berthing ( loading arms)

1) Moto compressor Siemens CCC controller and system 1 Bentley Nevada 3500 monitor.

2)DCS Delta V Plus AMS Emersom

3)DCS Foxboro I/A series

4) IPS Triconex Invensys tristation 1131

5) FMC hydraulic system for loading arm

6) Marine Matec PLC

7) LMS system gauging LTD and Enraf

8) CCC controller and Bentley Nevada 3500 monitor system

9)LNG tanks and loading pumps

4 ) Period: From May 2003 until October 2007

Customer: Amerada Hess

Site: El Gassi / El agreb (Algeria)

Position: Instrument supervisor

Duties: worked in both projects green field and brown field.

1- Participate to Engineering to upgrade old field of Crude oil product and start up .

2- Supervising instrument construction during a new GCR project brown field and commissioning.


1) DCS Delta V Emerson

2) PLC Alain Bradley flexlogic and Compact logic.

3) 12 LP and booster compressors Thermodyn Model RB6B /RB4B Control system ASIRobicon.

4) Turbo generator GE Frame 5001 Mark V and PGT 10

5) Engineering and instrument design for new early production crude oil in west Agreb and supervising construction and commissioning and start up plant.

5) Period:From September 2000 until December 2001

Customer: Anadarko

Site: HBNS field (Algeria)

Position: Field Engineer

Duties : coordinate with different disciplines in old plant and Engineering team where I was preparing drawings, site survey and Tie-ins. supervise all instruments installation and assist to commissioning and start up plant.

Assist Nuovo pignone specialist to prepare turbine compressors for Gas reinjection and star up.


1) Turbo compressor Nuovo Pignone frame 5002 mark V

2) CCTV camera and anti intrusion system

3) scada system DATA acquisition

4)water flood inject plant equipments and instrument

6) several instrumrnts and control and safety valves

7) fiber optic installation and equipments

8)DCS plant control system and BMS for substation control system

9)Tie ins with crude oil transfer company and metering skid installation and start up measurement system.

6 ) Period: from May 1998 to Jun 2000

Customer: SNC Lavalin

Site: LPG project Rhourd Nouss (Algeria)

Position: Field Engineer

Duties: supervising all instrument and system installation, commissioning and start up.

Equipment: LNG product train equipment, vessel, turbo expander, condensate heater, moto compressors, DCs and IPS systems, Fire and gas system. LNG storage and transfer.

Where I had in charge to follow and supervise all instrument and control systems activities during project construction and commissioning. To check and witness all loop test, function test and start up equipments and rotating machines.

To coordinate and liaise with all disciplines and vendors, to prepare reports and all request and of drawing for as built.

Equipments :

1)DCS Foxbor I/A series

2) Moto compressor Nuovo Pignone LSP Modbus comm and PLC

3) Turbo compressor nuovo Pignone Frame 5002 Mark V

4)Plant fire & Gas system Securiplex.

5) Turbo-Expander Mafi trench

6) Scada telemetering system for wells

7 ) Period: from Jun 1996 to May 1998


Site: Alrar additional 4th train LPG and condensate production. (Algeria)

Position: Instrument supervisor

Duties: assist contractors and supervising all instrument and system installation during project construction, commissioning and start plant.

Where I was responsible as client for loop check, function check and prepare schedule and reports for all instrument activities and comment drawing and liaise with construction for as built drawing.

Prepare and check control system during commissioning and startup machines and equipments.

Acting for construction manager and attend meeting and coordinate with different contractors and vendors.

Equipment: vessels, Turbo compressor for cool down loop (Tornado turbine) and Turbo compressor GE and Sulzer compressors

1) Turbo compressor Frame 5002 Mark V

2) Turbo compressor Tornado assist vendor in commissioning and startup.

3)DCS Honeywll TDC3000 raise 6

4) Scada Nuovo Pignone for well data acquisition with radio transmit.

5) Turbo-Expander Mafi-Trench

7)several instrumrnts and valves

8) Period: from January 1995 to May 1996

Customer: Agip

Site: BRN project (Algeria)

Position: Instrument Supervisor

Duties: Supervising all instruments installation and coordinate with different contractors and vendors on site prepare daily report and check drawing for as built. Prepare and perform calibration for all instrument with GE system Specialist for both turbines and compressors and start up.


1) Moto compressor Nuovo Pignone with PLC Moore

2)Turbo compressor Nuovo Pignone frame 5002 mark V under I dos

3) Turbo Generateur Nuovo Pignone PGT 10 with Suvimac 4 System.

4)DCS Honeywell TDC 3000 raise 6

5)Piber Hydraulic Panel for well control with solar panel

6) triconex Process safety system.

9 ) Period: From September 1984 to 1995

Customer: Sonatrach

Site: Alrar project

Position: Senior Instrument Technician

Duties: maintenance Job Calibration, troubleshooting, repairing assisting operation during startup equipments as moto-compressor, turbo compressor, expander, transfer pump and participate in major over all inspection for Turbine and inspection. HGPI hot gas parts inspection,

Equipments: Expanders, Turbo compressors, pumps, solar turbo generator.

1) Turbo compressor GE Frame 3000 and 3001 Mark II

2) Turbo compressor GE frame 5001 and 5002 Mark II

3) Sulzer Compressors

4) Bentley Nevada 3000 and 3300 old systems vibration monitoring.

5) Turbo-Expander Mafi Trench

6) several instrument and control and safety valves.

10 ) Period: From October 1982 to 1984

Customer: Sonatrach

Site: Hassi Rmel Module 4 and phase B project.

Position: Senior Instrument Technician

Duties: On job training

Equipment: LPG train product equipments as column, pumps, heater, vessels, glycol injection unit, sulzer moto compressors unit and turbo compressor Nuovo pignone for gas re-injection with team maintenance and OJT trainers. DCS system Foxboro Spectre 200

Involved in cable connection, loop check, function check and commissioning during phase B project. With JGC crews.


Period: from September 1974 to May 1978

Training Name : Instrument and control

Venue: Instutut Algerien de petrole (IAP Boumerdes, Algeria)

Period: from February 12th 1983 to 22sd 1983

Training name: Turbine description, conception and operating .

Venue: Sonatrach Hassi R’Mel Training center

Period: March 15th to 29th 1983

Training Name: Mark IISpeedtronic control turbine.

Venue: Sonatrach Hassi R’Mel Training Center

Period: 23 March 2002

Training Name: familiarization with Control panel Speedtronic Mark V

Venue: Sonatrach Hassi R’mel

Period February 2005 Training

Alain Bradley PLC Flex logic and compact logic RSlogix 500 and SLC 500

Period: 23rd to 27th Jun 2007

Training Name: PLC Programmable Logic Controller Step 7

Venue: IAP Boumerdes Algeria

Period: From October 19th to November 12th 2007

Training name: Delta V Emerson

Venue: Emerson Lyon French

Period: November 7th 2009 to 09th 2009

Training Name: 3500 monitoring system / Operation and maintenance and Delta V valve link and AMS config.

Venue: Qatargas ESU

Period:from May 15th 2008 to 22sd 2008

Training Name: IPS triconex DCS maintenance

Venue: Qatargas ESU

Period: from May 25th 2008 to 29th 2008

Training Name: IPS triconex Configuration

Venue: Qatargas ESU

Several training as PTW , H2s, HSE training, defensive driving. Risk assesment, tap root, IIF, Maximo, SAP, WinPCS, OPIDIS,

Computer Skills , Word, Excell, Access.