Hello, I am a seasoned overhead transmission linesmen with a rich background in the electrical utility industry, having served at prestigious organizations such as MEPCO PVT.LTD and AmpereLinks Systems PVT.LTD in Multan, Pakistan. With over a decade of hands on experiences, I bring wealth of knowledge and expertise in constructing, maintaining, and repairing transmission lines to ensure the seamless distribution of electricity. My journey began with a strong educational foundation, including a F.Sc. (Pre-Engineering) and matriculation in Science from the Board of Intermediate & Secondary Education (B.I.S.E) in Multan, Pakistan, complemented by certification in OSHA 10-Hour Construction and CPR & First Aid.
During my tenure at MEPCO PVT.LTD, I honed my skills in executing tasks with precision, prioritizing safety, and responding swiftly to service interruptions. As Head Linesmen at AmpereLink Systems PVT.LTD, I led a team of skilled professionals, overseeing projects, and implementing innovative solutions to enhance efficiency and productivity.
My commitment to excellence, safety, and continuous learning sets me apart as a reliable proficient professional in the field of overhead transmission line work. With my proven track record and dedication to delivering quality results, I am poised to make a valuable contribution to any organization seeking a skilled transmission linesmen.

Serial No: 191458
Skills keywords: industrial electrical, overhead linesman, technical support, transmission

List Of Qualifications & Related Skills:

As an overhead transmission linesmen, my educational background and acquired skills from the foundation of my expertise in the field. I completed my F.Sc. (Pre-Engineering) from Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education (B.I.S.E) in Multan, Pakistan, from 2008 to 20210. This educational program equipped me with a solid understanding of fundamental engineering principles, mathematics, and physics, laying the groundwork for a career in the electrical utility industry.
Furthermore, my Matriculation in Science, also from the Board of Intermediate & Secondary Education in Multan, Pakistan, from 2006 to 2008, provided me with a comprehensive understanding of scientific concepts and methodologies. These educational experiences have been invaluable in shaping my approach to problem solving, critical thinking, and technical analysis, which are essential skills in the field of overhead transmission line work.
In addition to my formal education, I have honed my skills through hands on training and practical experience in constructing, maintaining, and reporting overhead transmission lines. I possess expertise in electrical safety protocols, climbing, techniques, equipment operations, and troubleshooting electrical issues. My education, combined with my practical skills and experiences, enables me to execute my responsibilities as an overhead transmission linesmen with precision, efficiency, and a strong commitment to safety and quality.

Interests & Hobbies:

Explaining the great outdoor tops my list, where i indulge in activities such as hiking, camping, and fishing. These adventures not only provide a welcome escape from the rigors of the job but also foster a deep appreciation for nature\'s beauty and resilience. Additionally, I have a passion for tinkering with electronics and mechanical devices honing through DIV projects and home repairs. Engaging in these hands on activities not only satisfies my curiosity but also strengthens my problem solving abilities which i found to be invaluable in both personal and professional pursuits. Moreover, I enjoy spending quality times with family and friends, whether its sharing a meal, attending sports events, or simply enjoy each others company. These diverse interest and hobbies enrich my life, providing balance and joy amidst the challenges of my career as an transmission linesmen.

Previous Employment Details:

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Current location:  Balochistan, Pakistan - View on map
Nationality: Pakistan
Preferred Sector of Employment:  Oil, Gas and Energy, Engineering, other
Spoken languages: english, Hindi, Urdu
Location I am interested in working: Anywhere