Overseas Recruitment Agency

Skills Provision is an established overseas recruitment agency, we professionally service clients around the world.



So what makes us unique?

  • Strong international presence by way of strategic alliances
  • Not restricted by national and local boundaries
  • Various contracts on offer
  • Large inventory of available skilled workers
  • Team of experienced recruitment consultants
  • Effective recruitment systems
  • Proactive attitude and quick to respond
  • Respectful of all clients and candidates

As skills gaps continue to widen, employers are being forced into spreading their nets further afield. In the past companies would never have considered using the services of an overseas recruitment agency, today the story is completely different.

If credentials, qualifications and personal qualities are right, does nationality really matter, we think not.

The biggest problem we find with overseas recruitment is the perception that it offers cheap or cheaper labour. In some circumstances this is true, however generally it is not. Workers from any location need to be paid fairly, this is an important factor for the managerial team at Skills Provision. Please note unless a fair package is offered, recruitment services will not be provided.

Due to constantly changing global economic conditions and availability Skills Provision urge employers to plan ahead with their recruitment needs. If contracts have been won or manpower is needed due to the growth of a company it cannot be supplied instantly, please plan ahead.

Our new clients are allotted an in-house, Account Manager, their job is to develop an understanding of the employing company and their requirements. This personal touch combined with the use of our bespoke Client Zone has proven to be a success with our clientele.

From an Agencies perspective, successful recruitment should not be measured by placement figures or profitability, more the amount of returning customers. If hiring companies are happy to return when they need extra recruitment support, it shows confidence and trust in the supplier. Generally speaking once a company becomes a customer of Skills Provision, they stay a customer.

If you would like more details on our overseas recruitment agency and a breakdown of all services on offer, please contact the Support Team via enquiries@skills-provision.com or fill out one of our website forms.