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Overseas recruiters are constantly sourcing permanent and temporary employment for eager job seekers. With the introduction of the Internet it has never been easier to source an overseas job.

Getting a Dream Job

There are of course dangers when dealing with faceless entities over the web. This is why it’s important to utilise services of a reputable company.

UK based Skills Provision is a professional organisation, one that constantly place skilled and unskilled workers into the worldwide market. It’s an area their recruitment consultants specialise in.

Those joining the Skills Provision website benefit from being added to their job seeker database, as well as this, each verified account automatically produces an online CV Profile. These are data friendly (GDPR) webpages that generate a lot of interest and enquiries from visiting employers. As a free resource it is one of the best in the employment sector. To maintain quality all applications, go through a validation process.

Being work ready is important when looking for new employment, it is even more important when searching for an overseas position.

Key areas include:

  • Produce an accurate, quality CV/Resume (fully showcase your ability and talent)
  • Produce verified copies of relevant qualifications
  • Request references from previous employers
  • Research the areas you would prefer to work in
  • Research the subject of working visas (if relevant)
  • Collate work related images (showcasing talent and ability)
  • Improve areas of weakness i.e. language skills

If you would like to register your details on the Skills Provision website, visit Please note personal data and confidential information is handled correctly. No personal details will ever be passed over to marketing organisations. All information is used for the sole purpose of providing overseas employment.