Overseas Employment Agency

Skills Provision is a leading overseas employment agency. From our online base we are strategically placing skilled and unskilled workers around the world.



Delivering overseas solutions is a straightforward task, as long as the supporting systems are robust, flexible and effective. The defining factors being the delivery of workers on time and capable of impressing the client.

There’s no point utilising the services of a recruitment agency if workers arrive late or cause disruption on arrival. This is why it is imperative to select the right agency.

Companies often think by bringing in employment specialists they relinquish managerial responsibilities, this is simply not true. An employer or representative will be required to produce a job description and be involved in the candidate selection process. These two areas are key in sourcing quality manpower.

For those new or inexperienced to overseas hiring, don’t despair, the friendly team at Skills Provision is on-hand to guide you through all the processes. Our mantra is to make life as painless as possible.

Skills Provision hold a large inventory of available skilled workers, we also utilise powerful search techniques. These are crucial elements in sourcing quality candidates.

If you are interested in utilising the services of our overseas employment agency or would simply like more information on the services provided, please fill out our website form.